10 Ways On How To Deal With Insecurities And Build Your Self-Worth

How To Deal With Insecurities

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The strongest and confident person in the room was once battling with insecurities. It is hard to say if a person is fearless or perhaps they are hiding their insecurities.

Have you come across moments where you foresee goals that you can achieve in a snap, but in reality, something holds you back from doing so?
That’s because you are probably insecure!

Sense of insecurities kick in when we are anxious and doubt our abilities.

Although feeling insecure and unmotivated on certain days is fine, letting insecurities eat you alive is a NO since insecurities affect our emotional well-being and physical health.

Dealing with insecurities and boosting your self-worth is not a doddle and cannot be done overnight. However, with the right approach and tips by Happy Hormones, on how to deal with insecurities!

1. Take care of your needs

How To Deal With Insecurities

Spending too much time satisfying other people’s needs and neglecting yours shows that you do not love yourself enough. While it’s significant to take care of the needs of people around us, our top priority must be us. Relishing in self-care gets rid of negative thoughts and hence builds your self-worth. 

Self-care tips in splashing an abundance of love you deserve;

  • Eat hearty meals
  • Go for a jog or a walk 
  • Give your eyes a break (social media detox & limit screen time)
  • Pamper yourself (skincare, manicure & pedicure)
  • Have a rejuvenating shower
  • Plan trips and getaways with your loved ones

2. Do not compare yourself to others

How To Deal With Insecurities

Stop comparing your strengths and weakness to others! We don’t match an apple to an orange – both have distinct benefits. So do we! If someone is proficient in computer skills, you might be highly skilled in marketing.

It is crucial to understand that different people have an apparent set of talents, abilities and knowledge.

3. Practise self-acceptance

How To Deal With Insecurities

As cliche as it sounds, nobody is perfect. Everyone has flaws and make mistakes. Instead of trying to mask the imperfections by not staying true to yourself, accept and embrace them.

There are things that you can and cannot change. For instance, what other people think/feel/say about us and how they treat us can’t be controlled. So, we got to accept and move on because we are not responsible for their actions.

Besides, rather than accepting our lack of skills and knowledge, we can always work to improve them – changeable!

4. Identify your triggers

When you identify your triggers, as in situations that cripple your self-esteem, you are a step towards washing out your insecurities. Common trigger situations include:

  • School or work presentations
  • Conflicts in relationship
  • Trauma or abuse
  • Stressful events like the death of a loved one, moving house and divorce

5. Be aware

Once you recognise the triggers, notice how you respond and react to your fears. After that, do pay attention to your thoughts. Ask yourself if they are valid, and you would say them to someones who is seeking your advice.

6. Reflect on your success

Take a moment and look back on how far you have travelled while achieving your goals and making it through challenging situations flourishingly.

Question yourself what made you overcome the obstacles or attain triumph. Is it your positive attitude? Determination? or the ability to think carefully before making decisions?

7. Surround yourself with people you love

Those five powerful words are more than enough, aren’t they? Spend time with people who would support and uplift you while making you feel accepted in their presence. Go for movie or coffee dates and make an effort to meet them. By surrounding with people you love, you would start appreciating yourself in-depth because they do!

8. Be kind to yourself

Overcoming insecurities is not a race; it’s a process. Don’t set high expectations and be hard on yourself when you slip up on this journey. Treat yourself with compassion.

Moreover, practice meditation or get movin’ as you breathe out all the worries and sorrows. Drenching in sweat also releases endorphins, the happy hormones.

9. Start journaling

How To Deal With Insecurities

Pen down your feelings and concerns. Our minds are often jam-packed with thousands of mysteries. Therefore, by journaling, you will have a clear picture of what’s troubling you, and hence you can separate the negative ones that don’t make you who you are.

10. Do things that make you happy

Whether you love munching on some snacks while catching up on the last episodes of your favourite series or adding colours by painting, go for it. Make time for anything that brings you happiness, as you will rejuvenate and stop battling with your thoughts.

Furthermore, you can try picking up new hobbies and skills to discover your strengths and where you belong.


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