Terrarium Malaysia: 7 Amazing Terrarium Makers (You Can Buy Them Too!)

Terrarium Malaysia

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Plants make people happy. On top of that, indoor plants can improve concentration and productivity (by up to 15%), uplift the mood and reduce stress levels. 

In Malaysia, the stay at home order has kindled a passion among us – gardening. Many spend their time pouring an abundance of affection into their mini garden, either in the backyard or balcony.

However, for those folks who adore plants with no ample space, Happy Hormones has got your back, as always! Terrariums, we say!

Terrariums are mini-gardens in sealable or non-sealable containers with plants and soils. Plus, they require less maintenance and can be customised.

1. Tiny Forest

Terrarium Malaysia

Tiny Forest claims to be the first plant store to introduce the allures of indoor plants here and has made stunning terrariums for their friends at Gucci, Coach, Shiseido and The Body Shop.

This brainchild of Yuna (a Malaysian singer and songwriter) offers a plethora of terrariums to complement your chic interior. The earthy and rustic terrariums display a concoction of cacti, succulents, soils and cute mini plants. Water them once a week and enjoy the soothing ambience!


2. TerraLiving

Terrarium Malaysia

You say TerraLiving, we say LIFESTYLE – Reimagined. Making headlines since 2015, TerraLiving not only sources mosses across the world, but it grows some of the rare species in-house too.

Founded by scientists and designers, their creations are incredibly jaw-dropping! TerraLiving has astonished many folks from different walks of life and countries with its absolute craftsmanship, detailing and selection of lively plants.

Featuring beautiful ecosystems and preserved mosses, get the terrarium of your choice in the minimalist and futuristic glass jars.


3. Ohsum Mossum Terrariums

Terrarium Malaysia

Stepping up their game every day, Ohsum Mossum can make your loved one’s tickled pink when you gift them one of the awe-inspiring terrariums (yeayyy, no more wasting time looking for the perfect gift!).

Generously splashing lots of tips regarding terrariums and plant care, Ohsum Mossum, a distinguished forefront terrarium maker, vows to bring you closer to nature with their jars of eternal beauties.

Ronnie Khoo, the humble founder, carries terrariums consisting of various gravel, soil, stones and mosses to seal your dream jar. Adding to it, Ohsum Mossum has hooked up with Google, LinkedIn, Clarins, Chloe Hotel and others.

4. Mossariums

Terrarium Malaysia

Something that caught our eyes at Mossarium is the lifestyle cafe for you to sip on a cuppa tea while unwinding and the water terrariums. From Bonsai, Rainforest, Lakeside Garden to Succulent, the domes/jars should be an impeccable addition to your living room, coffee or study table – indeed, a living and breathing art.

Having collaborated with reputable brands like Shiseido, Christian Dior, Botanica+Co (eatery), Marks & Spencer, Nespresso, where the list goes on, expect exquisite terrariums that are about to enthral you from Mossarium.


5. Terrariums By Jarijungle

Terrarium Malaysia

Add a sprinkle of nature to your comfort space with the terrariums by Jarijungle. A scroll through their feed will awe you with the collections of smashing waterfall, jungle and bonsai jars with tiny humans, vehicles and houses (miniatures).

Felmi Irwan and Siti Fairus, the humble husband and wife duo, craft every piece of theirs with love and flawless detailing. Pick your favourite terrarium, slide into the DM (or Whatsapp) and check out the unique moss frames too, where you can chisel your name!


Terrarium Malaysia

Bounded by the passion for plant styling and home decor, an eminent photographer, Faisal Hashim and a passionate graphic designer, Faizal Mahmud, infuse earthy elements with aesthetics into a jar of bliss.

Cacti and succulents are the main gems where the natural stones and soils complete the terrariums. The green-fingered gentlemen sink their teeth into the treasure troves so you can revel in tranquillity. So, what are you waiting for?


7. Ola Cacti

Terrarium Malaysia

The name says it all! If cacti fancy you, Ola Cacti is your one-stop shop to look for some adorable terrariums. They have clasped many loyal Malaysians going after the concoctions of cactus, where some even customise door gifts for their auspicious occasions as well. Although their selection of plants is limited within cacti, this gotta be one of the best places to scratch your cacti itch.

Most of them do provide workshops and DIY Terrarium Kits. If you are interested in joining them or getting the kits to leash your inner artistry, do not hesitate to hit them up! #supportlokal


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