Types of Scented Candles in Malaysia For Every Occasion

Scented Candles Malaysia

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Have you ever wondered why some memories such as when you went for a picnic at the park or by the beach flashes across your mind spontaneously? It is none other than the SCENTS! Scents can trigger memories and that is why it is essential to living every moment and make it memorable with the scented candles that you love the most. 

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So, are you considering getting the perfect scented candles Malaysia for different occasions? Put your worries aside as we have sorted the best places/shops that are worth every penny!

1. For a romantic session with your partner 

What’s a date night without candlelights, right? It is undeniable that anybody’s hearts would literally start breakdancing if they are about to go for a candlelight date. Not only going for dates, having a romantic session by just staying in, cuddling and watching some rom-com series would be incomplete without the sweet and aromatic scents of the flickering candles. 

You are about to create a little affectionate and cosy world between you two as the light travels to limited space, kindling attraction, hence spicing up the date night.

Type of candle: Jar Candle 
Scent: Afternoon Escape 
“Brings you to a magical paradise — with sun-warmed cypress, jasmine, lemon, and cedar.”

Website: https://my.purelyfragrances.com/
Instagram: @purelymy
Facebook: @PurelyMalaysia

Type of candle: Soy Candle 
Scent: Love Potion
“Be ready when your heart melts and soul blooms with the beauty of jasmine in soft musk from a bouquet of fully bloomed loves when you light it up.”

Website: https://borneocandlestudio.com/
Instagram: @borneocandlestudio
Facebook: @borneocandlestudio

Another best scent for date night:

Strawberry & Champagne

Website: https://www.lilinandco.com/
Instagram: @lilinandco
Facebook: @lilinandco 

2. For a self-care day by yourself

‘Self-care is selfish’, ‘Self-care is only for women’ are some of the myths. Self-care is all about prioritising and making time for yourself but it doesn’t mean that you are neglecting others. Truth to be told, only when our mind and body are in the right state, we will be able to meet the needs of others. 

Self-care is far beyond taking a long shower, getting your nails done or perhaps going for a brisk walk. True self-care is attained when you finally figure out what works better for you as in things that boost your spirit, make you truly relaxed and comfortable and recharge your energy to be the best version of yourself.

Lighting up a scented candle with the perfect aura will make you let your hair down!

Type of candle: Wood wick / Cotton wick
Scent : Neroli & Ylang Ylang 
“It’s time for you to relax as you travel to the utopia of blossoming ylang-ylang trees in Bali with the breeze that sways your hair. Infused with citrus peel, cumin, neroli petals, white jasmine and many more to promote relaxation.”

Website: https://www.lilinandco.com/

Type of candle: Wood wick / Cotton wick
Scent: Eucalyptus & Pine
Key ingredients such as lemon, lavender, tea tree, jasmine and eucalyptus provide you with a sensation of smell like a walk after the drizzles in a woodland.

Website: https://www.lilinandco.com/
Instagram: @lilinandco
Facebook: @lilinandco 

3. For a bachelorette’s party   

‘Bling! Bling! She got the ring !’ – Yes, you guessed it right! It is time for a bachelorette’s party!

Bachelorette’s party is celebrated to reminisce about life before marriage, especially sweet, astonishing memories that you created with your good friends or the wonderful experiences that have shaped you today. Obviously, your life is not going to be the same once you get hitched as there will be new responsibilities and commitments. 

Likewise, why not make your party enduring and meaningful with the best-scented candles that not only warm and cheer up the environment but also clutch a spot in everyone’s hearts?

Type of candle: Bar 
Scent: Bora Bora
This is to go scent for parties, with fruits such as mixed berries and a mixture of musk where you will definitely be fascinated!

Instagram: @ejlcandlebar

4. For cultural occasions such as (Christmas, Hari Raya, Deepavali, Chinese New Year ) and personal occasions like (Birthdays, Anniversaries, Graduation) – gifts purposes 

Should I get a book? Or a watch? No, wait! What about a bag? – Buying a gift for someone can really make us go nuts as oftentimes we are unsure on what to get them. Gifts create a platform in strengthening the bond and showing our appreciation to someone who means a lot to us.

Therefore, investing in scented candles would be the best idea as scented candles Malaysia have their perks as well.

Type of candle: Soy wax candle
Scent: Chocolate cake with fresh strawberries and topped with fresh whipped cream

What else could be the splendid gift for a foodie other than this Chocolate Cake? It is made up of 100% Soy and is hand-poured in Malaysia.

Candlelabco has introduced their new Christmas addition where you are eligible to get a Christmas Tree, Reindeer, Rudolph Cake and Knitted Glove too. How cool it is! 


Type of candle: Votive Candle
Scent: Sweet Nothing
Cyclamen, Lotus Blossom, Vanilla and Powdery Musk are the elements that make this scent the favourite as the scent itself says ‘Warm, soft, sweet like a special whisper just for you’.

Website: https://my.purelyfragrances.com/

These are the scents that fit well according to your needs, no matter if you are organising a special occasion or have plans to give them as gifts in an exceptional moment. We, at The Happy Hormones, hope that this has eased you in finding the appropriate scented candles. Grab them and have fun!


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