Psychotherapy Malaysia: What Is It & 7 Places Where You Can Get Psychotherapy

Psychotherapy Malaysia

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The taboo topic ‘mental health’ has been gaining attention from many, especially when the world went upside down due to coronavirus within a snap. It was then the rise of the word psychotherapy, where social media is never complete without the ads of psychotherapy services.

Since you are aware that it’s about time we prioritise our mental health, don’t stop scrolling this article by The Happy Hormones! You can fathom what psychotherapy is all about and the best places you visit for comfort. 

So, what is psychotherapy?

Psychotherapy Malaysia
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Psychotherapy is a talk therapy where people suffering from mental health issues and emotional difficulties meet a psychotherapist to help them function better in life and boost their well-being while identifying the root causes that cripples them.

Who can benefit?

Psychotherapists treat a range of conditions including,

  • Addictions – Alcohol, drug
  • Anxiety disorder – Obsessive-compulsive disorder (OCD), Panic disorder, post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD)
  • Eating disorder- Anorexia, bulimia
  • Bipolar disorder- Depression, etc.

Types of psychotherapy

  • Cognitive-behavioural therapy (CBT) – pays attention to how a person’s thoughts and beliefs affect their behaviour and emotions. 
  • Psychodynamic therapy – focuses on the psychological roots of emotional suffering.
  • Interpersonal psychotherapy – people with mood disorders can identify their issues in relationships with family and friends through this therapy.
  • Supportive therapy – aims to enhance, reinforce, or support a patient’s physiological well-being and self-esteem.
  • Family therapy – by opting for this therapy, family members are assisted in improving their communication to iron out a conflict.
  • Group therapy – one or more therapists work with a group of people.

Places To Get Psychotherapy Malaysia

1. HumanKind Community Counselling

Being a firm believer in the power of kindness, HumanKind is where you go for affordable counselling services to calm your racing thoughts and wounded soul.

Although they do not charge for their services, a fee is imposed for the use of space, utilities, supervision, and administration cost related to running this service.

Fret not if you cannot pay the RM 50, hit them up with what you can because it is their policy not to turn anyone away based on their inability to pay.

2. The Mind Faculty

Located at Mont Kiara, this premium mental health clinic boasts a bunch of professional practitioners offering individual therapy, couples counselling, addiction treatment, eating disorder aid, to name a few.

Furthermore, through the TMF Academy, you can get advanced mental health services full of compassion where the senior practitioners monitor the associate practitioners. The cost for a session is RM80.

3. Cara Cara

Named after an orange that is appreciated highly despite its bitterness, Cara Cara, a private suite, will help you discover the uniqueness rooted within you while you retrieve calmness.

Starting from RM 50 for online and in-person therapies, choose between a trainee counsellor or a professional counsellor.

Cara Cara has customised healing sessions like For the soul searcher (Be closer to yourself), For the go-getter (Break free from self-imposed limits) and, For relationship-navigator (Be connected and supported). 

4. Aloe Mind

With a free mental health test, kick off your journey towards happiness at Aloe Mind. The test is available in English and Malay will indicate if you have been living with anxiety or depression.  

Pick a therapist (read their profiles), choose your preferred time slot, and that’s it! You have found a licensed counsellor to talk out things or thoughts that trouble you and see them float away like the clouds.  

Aloe Mind charges as below (per session) for individual online therapy

  • RM 50 with a trainee
  • RM 150 with a counsellor or a clinical psychologist.

5. Thrive Well

Thrive Well is a social enterprise that puts its heart into enhancing mental health services to the folks of this nation, particularly the marginalised and high-needs communities.

Whether you want to improve your romantic relationship, identify your family issues, seek ways to cope with hardship (death/grief, divorce, job loss) or need guidance to manage your emotions, Thrive Well has it all.

The price per session here solely depends on the service and your financial background where they have subsidy rates for M40 and B40 too!

6. People Psychological Solutions

Popping out from your shell to seek help matters the most; only then the dedicated and ardent team behind People Psychological Solutions can help you. Find yourselves a bunch of psychological assessments and counselling for adults.

A session with a trainee is at RM 60 whereas you need to pay RM 250 to consult a qualified member.

7. InPsych Psychological & Counselling Services

Walk into the sanctuary of tranquillity when you go for the counselling services at InPsych. From child/teenager therapy to couple/intimate relationship therapy, expect awe-inspiring services where you will head back home with satisfaction.

Apart from the services, you can sign up for The Hero’s Journey Online Workshop on 4th & 5th Dec 2021 or Suicide Prevention QPR Gatekeeper Training which is coming soon.


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