Do You Sleep Naked? You Will After Knowing The 5 Potential Benefits Of Sleeping Naked

5 Potential Benefits Of Sleeping Naked

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Is it really healthy to sleep naked? Whether it’s sleeping naked everyday, three times a week or just once a week, there’s some naked truth in sleeping without clothes on! Sleeping in the nude can help you get some good night’s rest and can positively impact your overall health. 

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Before you consider stripping down at bedtime, let’s look at these 5 potential benefits of sleeping naked. 

5 Potential Benefits Of Sleeping Naked

1. Comfortable all night long

Sleeping naked whether alone or with your partner makes you feel comfortable and free. Well, of course, it depends on each individual. But ladies, think about it, you’re free of your top and underwear! We mean there’s nothing better than going commando under the sheets, right? Let your skin breathe a little! 

Plus, with the scorching hot weather in Malaysia, sleeping naked keeps your body cool and thus, you’ll feel more comfortable. Say goodbye to interrupted sleep! 

2. Improved sleep quality

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We all know sleep is super important for our health, especially quality sleep and not many people get that these days. With the amount of stress we face daily, what we really want is to come home to a comfortable bed and have quality uninterrupted sleep. 

One way to improve quality sleep is to keep your body cool throughout the night. Sleeping naked decreases your body temperature at night, helping you to fall asleep faster and deeper. If you have not tried rocking your birthday suit to bed, it’s probably time you do so! 

3. Reduced risk of yeast infection for women

Did you know that sleeping naked can support overall sexual wellness? Spending too much time or sleeping in tight clothing or non-cotton undies can increase the risk of vaginal yeast infections. This is due to the heat and moisture trapped in that area. 

Sleeping naked allows some air circulation in your vaginal area, which keeps that area cool and dry – reducing the risk of vaginal infections. However, if you don’t feel too comfortable going commando under the sheets, using loose-fitting cotton undies would be a great option too! 

4. Increases self-esteem and confidence

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Give your body some TLC by sleeping without anything on and you’ll see the wonders it does. You’ll end up being more comfortable with and in your own body. That’s right, ladies! So, if you need some self-esteem boost and some self-loving tonight, go ahead and dive right into your sheets and ditch the pyjamas! 

5. Boost intimacy with your partner

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Sleeping together with your partner definitely has its perks. Other than sex, turn up the heat between the sheets with your partner just by sleeping naked. This is because sleeping naked can increase the chance of skin-to-skin contact which releases one of our happy hormones – oxytocin also known as the ‘love hormone’.

This creates a closer bond between both partners, drawing each other closer emotionally and physically. Thereby, leading to a healthier and happier relationship! To have an even more comfortable experience, invest in good breathable soft cotton sheets where you both can enjoy together. 

With that being said, sleeping with or without clothes depends on each individual’s preference. Some love going commando and some, on the other hand, feel more comfortable with clothes on. Whichever it is, do what feels right for you!


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