Organic Skin Care Malaysia Brands You Need in Your Life

Organic Skin Care Malaysia

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Your search for skincare that suits your skin has brought you here. Blessed are the ones with clear skin but for the rest of us humans, breakouts, scarring and blackheads connect us together. Therefore, it is important to share when we find the skincare that will take care of your problems for you.

After trying multiple over the counter products or chemical based products and having them just not working for you or you just want products with less chemicals. So, you look up for natural or organic skincare products. But what are they actually?

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Natural skincare products mean something that is derived from nature and not made by humans. Organic, on the other hand, means it is coming from animals or plants and does not involve the use of artificial chemicals in the growing of said plants or in the food of said animals. For example, plants used in the ingredients of a product do not use Genetically Modified Organisms (GM), herbicides, synthetic fertilisers and more.

Using natural and organic skincare products mean you are saving your skin from dangerous and harsh chemicals that may irritate your skin and cause breakouts. Natural and organic products are gentler on skin and work with your skin for better absorption and can be metabolised easier by your skin. Moreover, natural and organic products are better for the environment, may be vegan and cruelty free.

Check out these organic skin care brands in Malaysia that offer natural and organic skincare products made just for you.

1. The Mineraw

The Mineraw products are made with 100% natural ingredients and are vegan, vegetarian and cruelty free. Featured in British Vogue Magazine, their products are also crafted in small batches to meet their demand but are not overproduced. Choosing their products for your skin is definitely a sustainable choice. In fact, they’ve even listed out how they are being eco-conscious and sustainable here.

What Should I Try First?

Organic Skin Care Malaysia
Source: themineraw.com

Get your hands on their Glow Serum Face Oil which reviewers have said reduces their acne scars, inflammation and leave their skin glowing – which is exactly what they promise.It is also great for all skin types and will not cause your face to be oily despite it being oil itself. At the moment, The Mineraw is pairing their Glow Serum Face Oil with a Clear Quartz Gua Sha Stone which helps in promoting relaxation, relieves tension and promotes lifting at only RM150.

Facebook: The Mine Raw
Instagram: @themineraw

2. Root Remedies

Rooted from the idea that our skin should go back to its origin, Root Remedies’ products are made with natural elements that are from the earth, grain and sand. All the oils used are minimally processed and all products contain no unnecessary synthetics or preservatives. Their products are promised to contain at least 90% natural ingredients and the 10% synthetic substances are only used for product safety, quality, or experience and if required.

What Should I Try First?

Organic Skin Care Malaysia
Source: rootremedies.com

With the most reviews on their website, you must try their Tamanu Pure Oil. It is suitable for most skin types but is very much effective for scars, stretch marks and blemished skin. Put it on a freshly cleansed face and it will leave your skin feeling hydrated and nourished. This green and herbaceous smelling oil also help with clearing acne scars for RM119.

Website: https://rootremedies.com/
Facebook: Root Remedies
Instagram: @rootremedies
Twitter: @rootremedies

3. Claire Organics

Created purely from a mother’s love for her child, Claire Organics pledges to have ‘clear and natural’ (the meaning of Claire in French) products in their line. What started with wanting to ensure her family is safe from using products with all kinds of harmful chemicals, the founder started creating a skincare line. This was also motivated by her realization that using natural bar soaps makes a great difference to her skin.

What Should I Try First?

Organic Skin Care Malaysia
Source: claire.my

Calm your skin with their Soother Balm. Apply it on a sensitive area to soothe the skin condition and moisturize dry skin. It is made with a mixture of essential oils and hydrating avocado oils plus also shea butter for extra moisturizing effect. The balm is also suitable for people with sensitive skin and eczema. At only RM39 you get to restore your skin to a healthy condition.

You can buy the Soother Balm on Lazada here or Watsons here.

Website: https://www.claire.my/
Facebook: Claire Organics
Instagram: @claireorganics
Youtube: Claire Organics

4. Kopara Essentials

Kopara Essentials is confident that their product will leave your skin dewy, clean and clears your pores, supply nutrients to your skin that it will appear youthful and relieves your skin from irritation no matter if it is due to eczema psoriasis or other skin drying condition. They also believe that their product can restore your hair into its healthy condition with no frizz, moisturized and no split ends to worry you. They promise to only use best sourced natural ingredients with no alcohol or synthetic preservatives, fillers or stabilizers and believe in the power of simplicity in ingredients.

What Should I Try First?

Organic Skin Care Malaysia
Source: koparaessentials.com

They are so confident that they have only one product on offer to alleviate all your problems – the Kopara Golden Jojoba Oil. Made with organic, unrefined and cold-pressed Jojoba oil and German chamomile essential oil, this Holy Grail of an oil can be used directly on your skin, hair, as a massage oil or along with your own skincare product. In fact, the team encourages you to find the best way to use the oil which will suit you. It is suitable for all skin types, does not cause allergic reactions, light and quick absorbing and is produced in a quality controlled and ‘Halal’ certified production facility. At RM88.50 you can have in your hands the only oil you need.

Website: https://koparaessentials.com/
Facebook: Kopara Essentials
Instagram: @koparaessentials

5. Tanamera

Made with good intentions, this family business dream of making their own natural product range targeted at the international market. They pride in having their products made with only natural ingredients from their products right to their packaging. No toxic chemical, artificial colour or fragrance – just pure natural materials. What started with natural herbal soaps and essential oil mists has now turned into a full body range, home spa line and even their own spa facilities.

What Should I Try First?

Organic Skin Care Malaysia
Source: Tanamera.com.my

You should definitely get your hands on their Black Formulation Facial Soap which works both as a cleanser, facial scrub and face mask. This 3-in-1 facial soap is what you need to tackle your skin issue. Made with all natural ingredients such as palm kernel oil, rice, glutinous rice, black glutinous rice and more, it is a perfect blend for good, healthy skin. The herbs used are perfect to clear acne, reduce oiliness, and act as gentle facial scrub and facial mask. It is easy on your wallet too as one bar of facial soap costs RM22.

You can purchase Tanamera products from Lazada, Shopee or Watsons.

Website: https://tanamera.com.my/
Facebook: Tanamera Tropical Spa Products
Instagram: @tanameraofficial

Organic Skin Care Malaysia

Go ahead and do right by your skin by getting any one of these organic skin care Malaysia products made from natural ingredients while also making a conscious decision for the environment.


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