Enjoy A Beautiful Life With These Best Organic Sanitary Pad Brands in Malaysia

Sanitary pad brands in Malaysia

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It’s 2021 and aren’t we normalising periods, menstruation (whatever you name it) already? 

From Big Aunty, Red Flag, Shark Week, Bulan (Moon Time) to ‘time of the month’, there are many ways just to avoid saying the word ‘period’. 

Anything regarding menstruation in Malaysia is still a taboo subject – We came across an incident where a man faced some hostility for buying pads for her wife. 

We, girls, absolutely have experienced when our friends lend us pads, either within seconds it will be in our pockets or it will be covered in tissues or a pouch so that the boys would not see it. 

Conversely, Malaysians were content as the husbands went hunting for sanitary pads during the initial lockdown phase and felt appreciative as a man bought 100 napkins for women marred by poverty. As time passes by, although there are positive changes, the acceptance among people to periods is still crazy because it’s something that affects every woman.

Speaking about periods, there are team pads and team tampons. If you belong to team pads, choosing the right pads can be a hassle sometimes considering different factors including skin conditions too (leaving with eczema I gotta get the ‘perfect’ pads to avoid rashes). 

Without wasting any time, we at The Happy Hormones rounded up some local, organic sanitary pads Malaysia and more!

1. Enya

Delivering premium feminine products within a click to your doorstep every month, Enya is a pioneering digital period care company that provides organically grown cotton sanitary pads

We tend to be ambivalent before trying out a new product, often our mind goes like ‘Should I try this? What if it doesn’t work for me?’ and so on. Fret not, as Enya has read our minds. 

As a way of promoting only quality feminine products to all women, the first pack of Enya Basics is absolutely free! (yes, you saw it right!). Subscribe to Enya, pay the shipping and handling cost to grab the pack with 10, 240 mm Regular Pads. 

What are you still waiting for? Go and grab em’ right now! Try them and thank us later!

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2. Bobble

After completing chemotherapy due to Stage 2 Hodgkin’s Lymphoma cancer when her daughter Aleya was just 4 weeks old, Malisse Tan became conscious about the products she was using. 

That’s when the idea of Bobble blossomed giving importance to women’s menstrual health. Being chemical-free with sustainable packaging, the pads, pantyliners and tampons are made of 100% GOTS certified organic cotton.

Layered with Bamboo Charcoal, for your flow, choose your preferred pads and get them delivered to you three months once. Make the switch to eco-organic period products for a better body & world!

Kind to the environment! Vagina friendly! Saves time & money! How easy Bobble is!

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3. Joui

Joui – Joy of using it! Although the number of pad brands has been increasing tremendously in the market, they never seem to solve some issues such as poor absorbent, side flow and foul smell.

Realising that Joui stepped in to resolve them by providing high-quality pads for its customers. The exquisite and stylish designed pads are made from carefully chosen top-quality materials such as natural cotton and also SAP-absorbing material.

Besides, the Cozeft™ technology (5 health elements) input greatly helps to work out most of the common women problems such as changing the pad, getting rid of odour, irritation and helping women to balance their PH values. 

The White (Day Pads), Black (Night Pads) and Pink (Pantiliners) series have disposal bags too making it easier for safer, hygienic disposal.

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4. The Hive

The Hive has captured a steady stream of Malaysians going back for their products as it is our country’s first zero-waste store. Among all the products that they offer, washable pads are one of them as well.

Their reusable pads are suitable for women who have sensitive skin or skin allergies and from floral to polka dots, you can get them in unique designs. For daily wear, their 100% organic cotton liners come to your rescue!

If menstrual cups are your BFF (best friend forever) during your period, The Hivetteare is what you should be carrying with you all the time because periods are exceptional in giving unexpected entries! 

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5. Amez Care

Amez Care – yes, they care for your comfort and health during menstruation.

Specialising in all-natural products, Tea Plant, Chamomile, Lavender, Aloe Vera and Peppermint are the herbal ingredients that have been infused into their Amez Pads. 

From feminine wash to different types of pads, you can get them online. Oh, wait, do not forget to check out their pads with functional chips such as Negative Ions, Infrared and Nano Silver and if you are wondering what they do, then browse through their website!

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These are some of the shops that you can consider in purchasing top-notch sanitary pad brands in Malaysia. Go and get them before your next cycle begins! 

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