You Are Not Alone. Seek Help With These Mental Health Apps in Malaysia

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The rate of suicidal deaths in Malaysia has been soaring rapidly and we are constantly awakened by them with two recent attempts being unsuccessful – thanks to our unsung heroes, the policemen and firefighters who managed to save those precious lives.

This pandemic has taken a toll on mental health and there is no ifs, ands, or buts about it. People are pushed into a challenging situation where all they need is a pair of ears to listen and pieces of words to console them.

Seeking help can be the hardest thing to do but do not let that sink you. At Happy Hormones, we remind you to step out from the shell as there’s a solution for everything. Therefore, get the help you need without having to travel anywhere once you have downloaded these applications.

1. PlusVibes

Source: Kosmo

Madiha Faud, the founder of the app’s passion for mental health began when her health was drastically deteriorating due to nerve complications. That is when she figured out alternatives to source her depression without leaving the home. 

Her journey to where she is today is full of thorns and thistles, therefore, to lend a hand for those who are suffering silently and need a little bit more motivation during the low points in their lives, this app is there for them. 

Through PlusVibes, the users can get access to motivational articles and videos, chat with Vibers and partake in relaxation activities. Vibers, who volunteers to listen leaves no room for judgement, stigma and embarrassment. Let your heart out and get back on your feet chasing after your dreams. 

However, if you need immediate assistance, find the local directory on their website that has associations from various categories such as Mercy, MindKami, WAO and more where you will remain anonymous, so no worries!

App: App Store Google Play Store

Website: PlusVibes

Cost: Free

2. Wysa

Wysa has helped over two and a half million people and you could be the next. It is an AI bot that has a plethora of mental health topics to be discussed. Being awarded a rating of 93% by ORCHA, you are able to talk things through with an absolute solution. 

For instance, since every topic has sections, if sleep is what bothers you the most, expect a list of detailed exercises like Sleep Deeply, Prepare Your Surroundings, Offload Your Worries, Drift To Sleep, Breathe in Calm and more. 

Website: Wysa

Application: App Store Google Play Store 

Cost: From RM 75 per session

3. The Help Talk

Therapy is for everyone! We all know that therapies are a bit steep (if you can afford, for all means go for it because you deserve the peace at all cost). 

So, clinical psychologist Alvin Tan along with two other co-founders launched this app for therapy sessions that will not break the bank.

Once you are done with a questionnaire, meet your desired personal therapist, with unlimited messaging anytime, anywhere where they will respond to you once a day.

There is no need to fix appointments and your journey for happiness starts right now!

Website: The Help Talk

Application: Google Play Store

Cost: RM192 per month

4. Thoughtfull Chat

This app was bloomed after Joan Low’s witnessed one of her loved ones being diagnosed with mental illness although he/she seemed to be perfectly fine with symptoms of a regular working adult.

With a number of certified mental health professionals, you can delve into this technology-based mental health platform to ease your sorrows. 

No matter if you are juggling a million things at once or even find it hard to cope in your workplace, ThoughfullChat is here for you. 

Website: ThoughtfullChat

Application:  App Store Google Play Store.

Cost: RM199 per month

You Matter! The world is never a better place without you. Get help and no, you are never ever alone!


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