Malaysian Makeup Brands You Should Consider Getting

Malaysian Makeup Brands

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Beauty is in the eyes of the beholder and it shines from within but letting those eyes shimmer and those skin glitter doesn’t hurt! Who best knows what works for our multiracial skin types and hot sunny weather other than our fellow Malaysians? And why pay all the extra fees related to shipping and tax that are attached to international brands when we have locally produced brands that are just as good? Not to mention it lessens your carbon footprint.

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In the spirit of #supportlokal and #kitajagakita, here are 7 Malaysian makeup brands that you should have in your life.

1. Kiss Mineral

Malaysian Makeup Brands
Source: kissmineral.com

Aspiring to be the leader in clean cosmetic brand in Malaysia, Kiss Mineral advocates for ethical and sustainable makeup. They use 100% pure Australian minerals and natural ingredients. Kiss Mineral has a full range of products from face, eyes, lips, sunscreen and even skincare. Loyal fans can even buy their makeup and bring it back in their own Kiss Mineral canvas bag.

Facebook: KISS Mineral

2. Lips Carpenter

Malaysian Makeup Brands

You know you best and that is what the Lips Carpenter believes. You can choose your own casing, scent, colour and intensity; you can craft the perfect lipstick for you. Lips Carpenter also believes in using healthy products and uses shea butter for moisturizing effect and oil. They also incorporate sustainable and eco-friendly concepts in their decision making and packaging.

Facebook: The Lips Carpenter

3. Sugarbelle Cosmetics

Malaysian Makeup Brands

Founded in 2015 by Belle Al Yahya, Sugarbelle Cosmetics’ products are formulated to be safe and effective. Moreover, they are designed to cater to all beauty requirements and for all age and skin colours. In addition, their products are free of paraben, ‘Halal’ Certified, Wudhu’ friendly, vegan and/or cruelty-free.

Website: https://www.sugarbellecosmetic.com/
Facebook: Sugarbelle Cosmetic
Instagram: @sugarbellecosmetichq

4. dUck Cosmetics

Malaysian Makeup Brands

Every fashionista in Malaysia knows dUck for their scarves and bags. But now, they can add cosmetics to their must-have dUck list. Established by blogger turned entrepreneur, Datin Vivy Yusof, dUck Cosmetics should definitely be ‘what’s in your bag!’

Website: https://www.fashionvalet.com/women/beauty.html?article_designer=526
Facebook: Fashion Valet
Instagram: @fashionvaletcom

5. Asly Beauty

Malaysian Makeup Brands

Pronounced as “Ahs-li” meaning authentic, real and original, they applaud authenticity and revel in self-expression. Asly’s goal is to cater to the urban lifestyle by producing easy to use products for simple and effortless wearing. This is reflected by the multi-functional features in their products so you need only bring one to that night out!

Website: https://www.aslybeauty.com/

6. SO.LEK Cosmetics


Founded by the siblings duo, Dahlia Nadirah & Luqman Hakim when Dahlia went to pharmacies in New York City and discover that cosmetics are of good quality but affordable. Their products are made to enhance your beauty and thus giving you a confidence boost to face the day. Their products range from cosmetics for eyes, lips, face and even nails.

Website: https://solekcosmetics.com/
Facebook: Solek Cosmetics
Instagram: @so.lek

7. NITA Cosmetics

Malaysian Makeup Brands

Bringing bright and bold colours, NITA is all about showing your fun, eccentric and upbeat self. Each product line showcases the journey of its founder and represents the dreams of all who wishes to travel and to carpe diem! Having said that, their products are named after local customs, traditions and even food as every journey starts from home. Their products are also hypoallergenic, hence, suit all skin types and are cruelty-free.

Website: https://nitacosmetics.com/
Facebook: Nita Malaysia
Instagram: @nita.cosmetics

Get ready with your mates with any of these brands and you will be all set and ready to paint the town red!


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