Janda Baik Best Resort: Gorgeous Resorts For Your Next Holiday

Janda Baik Best Resort

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Step into the wonderful land of Janda Baik to get away from the stresses and hectic life of the city. Janda Baik, which translates to a good widow, is located in Bentong, Pahang. It is only about 45-minutes’ drive from the city but the two cannot be any more different. Take some time away and spend a night or two at these gorgeous places in Janda Baik.

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janda baik best resort
Image source: eRYAbySURIA’s Instagram

erYabySURIA sits on top of a hill and is a resort with 16 rooms. It is situated next to a river where guests can spend their time having a picnic or soaking in the river. Its small size provides for optimum privacy to its guests. You will get a feel of kampung living but with modern amenities, so you can enjoy your escapade. It also has its own orchard that has a variety of fruit trees that guests can visit and enjoy when it is in season.

Website: https://www.eryabysuria.com/hotels/janda-baik/

2. Tiarasa Escapes

janda baik best resort
Image source: Tiarasa Escapes’ Instagram

True to its name, Tiarasa Escapes allows their guests to escape into their 7 acres landscaped garden surrounded by the amazing rainforest. They worked with an award winning landscape architects of WHZ Environmental Design to create and balance the natural elements of the area while bringing their vision to life. Choose to stay in a tented villa while having nature right out of your doorstep or be one with nature and stay in one of their treetop villas. Immerse in nature, relax in their nearby brook but you will also get to cool off in your air-conditioned room! Truly the best of both worlds.

Website: https://www.tiarasaescapes.com/

3. Twinkle Villa

Credit image from Twinkle Villa’s website
Image source: Twinkle Villa’s website

Planning to get away with your family or a group of friends? Why not head over to Twinkle Villa and book your place in one of their villas. Twinkle Villa has 4 houses in its compound that are unique and has different capacities. It is also a gated and guarded community so guests can relax and enjoy while knowing that they are safe. Have a BBQ party and enjoy the blanket of stars at night while you are there. Pick the house that speaks most to you – whether it is bare, concrete and brick styled house, a view of the rainforest while showering or the house enveloped by the rainforest, Twinkle Villa has it all.


4. Danau Daun Chalet

janda baik best resort
Image source: rileklah.com

Here’s your chance to roll out of the bed and straight into the pool – just stay in the Hillside Cottage over at Danau Daun Chalet. Danau Daun Chalet has 6 villas in its compound. You can choose to either stay at their Teratai Air – a chalet for two, their Hillside Cottage which is on top of a hill or their Danau Daun Cottage – a studio with an option to add on a special chalet. You would have to bring your own food and utensils but barbecue steel nets and charcoals are available on site for purchase. Stretch away and breathe in that clean, fresh air from your choice of accommodation.

Website: https://www.danaudaunchalets.com/main-en

5. Embun Luxury Villas

janda baik best resort
Image source: Embun Luxury Villas’ website

Get swept away into a luxurious comfort up at the Embun Luxury Villas. Be prepared to get the utmost relaxation out of your trip. Designed to let you be able to be wrapped in your own seclusion, they also want to encourage comfortable socialisation which is why they have their own clubhouse set up. At the moment, the clubhouse and shared pool are closed to the public but you can definitely cannonball into the pool in your own villa. The decors are carefully designed to heighten the luxurious feel of the villas for a true escape into your fantasy.

Website: https://www.embunvillas.com/

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