IWD21: Meet These Inspiring Women Making A Change

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Who is your favourite female superhero? Wonder Woman? Jean Grey? Or Catwoman?

Apart from the fictional characters have you realised the existence of real-life superheroes? 

Yes, we’re talking about the women that you’ll meet in the long queues at your ‘all-time’ supermarket or on your feeds, spreading positivity, strength and being an inspiration to many. 

Our idols will always be women who have been working hard, day and night to achieve personal and professional goals despite the hurdles they have to cross in their daily life. 

Although we have travelled far from those days where a woman’s role was seen as managing households only, the fact that a woman deserves equal opportunities and freedom just like men should be accentuated more. 

Therefore, to appreciate and honour their achievements the UN announced March 8, as International Women’s Day (are you with me when I say that every day is women’s day?). 

*So, why not give a warm, hug tight or simply thank the women you look up to on this felicitous day?*

In conjunction with International Women’s Day, we at The Happy Hormones are pleased as punch to write up about some of the women that are confidentiality beautiful with a heart!

1. Francisca Luhong James

Francisca, the first Dayak to be crowned as Miss Universe Malaysia (2020) shows the importance of perseverance and determination to chase after your dreams. 

Initially, she felt like giving up after participating in many pageants because she ended up being the runner up only. However, the flame in her didn’t stop kindling where here she is to conquer the universe! 

Not only making her Borneo natives proud but her journey and advocacy have gathered a bunch of staunch fans rooting for the high-spirited and down-to-earth titleholder. She has co-founded Women Rise MY, a movement to educate and empower women in Malaysia.

Through Women Rise MY, Francisca has given talks especially to young female students on the importance of education to break the cycle of exclusion and soft skills. Besides, they had fundraisers for Malaysians who were affected by the pandemic.

The stunning Francisca Luhong James will be representing our beautiful country in Hollywood Florida on the 16th of May. We should keep our spirit on board by supporting her to bring back the majestic crown, shall we?

“Life has taught me 2 things, be the energy you want to attract and always trust your intuition. And that is my smile looking at my goals to achieve for the next 5 years”

– Francisca Luhong James

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2. Lingeswarry Apparao

Having to depend on a breathing machine most of the time doesn’t stop this 23-year-old, business management student, who is fondly known as Linda Rao to achieve her dreams. She has been diagnosed with Nemaline Rod Myopathy, Scoliosis and Alveolar where it confines her to a wheelchair. 

But, guess what? This sweetheart is a student, content writer and the proud owner of Absolute Glam by Linda Rao

Linda Rao stated that being a girl who perpetually loved makeup since she was young wanted to try out different products but couldn’t do so due to her middle-class family background where we rely on a person’s salary for our living. 

This was a turning point or something that sparked her to venture into the beauty, cosmetic and personal care business where her ultimate goal is to make sure every girl deserves and is able to purchase make up products for an affordable price.

Adding to it, the income that she obtains will be used to accommodate her studies. Now, isn’t she a real sweetheart? Head right now to purchase whether it is the glamourous lashes or the colourful beauty blenders!

“I would emphasise that every woman is unique and talented in their own way and avoid comparing yourself to others. Lastly, every woman is beautiful in and out”

– Lingeswarry Apparao


3. Rocyie Wong

Shining through all across Southeast Asia is this autoimmune disease warrior, Rocyie Wong, a true Psoriasis Fighter and Advocate indeed! She is the creator of Safe Space which is a safe haven for people with chronic health conditions.

Roycie is absolutely the medicine for a wounded heart as she often documents her psoriasis journey, from sharing her experience being on steroids, western, functional and traditional medicines to how she embraces and accepts herself despite the hardship.

The body-positive activist, who is also a speaker has initiated a campaign called #Psoarhigh consisting of 11 countries with one purpose which is to increase empathy and acceptance towards those with such skin conditions via media inclusivity.

The admirable Rocyie Wong is all ears especially if you have psoriasis and hop on her ride to bring psoriasis to light, creating a more welcoming society without any discrimination against those fighters.  

“Today, I don’t do that (using concealers/applying steroid creams to hide the scars) anymore. I wear these patches with pride, though sometimes they still make me wanna hide from the world

— Rocyie Wong


4.Vaishnavi Indran Pillai

Anyone who meets Navi Indran in person would be in denial that she is a breast cancer survivor as she is eternally a bubbly and joyous woman who glows in positivity. 

Kissed by cancer twice, this iron lady doesn’t let that define her and she has been living her life to the fullest. Often times, we tend to be demotivated when adversity strikes us. However, Navi Indran is an icon for us to realise that no matter where life takes us, with hope, faith and love from our dearest ones we can swim any ocean.

Navi Indran is on a lifelong targeted therapy, along with hormone therapy,  once every three weeks where she documents her journey and spreads awareness on cancer. From uplifting and encouraging other chronic illness fighters to putting her dreams and passions first as an inspiration for others, this warrior is going places and making a change. 

Thousands of people especially Malaysians have been following her to follow her life journey and be one among them!

‘I just have one hope and dream and that is to keep inspiring and showing the world that you can still live through a terminal illness, however long or short, live life and just live!’

– Navi Indran Pillai


We have seen the leadership of women across the universe achieving an equal future in this COVID-19 world. Women in this era are equal to men. Their responsibility isn’t restricted to take care of the family and children or perhaps work ‘extra hours’ at home once they are done with their regular job.

Doing what they love or matter the most to them whether spending time developing their skills or indulge in their passion, they deserve it too.

In addition, as a woman, we should always live by lifting others and ditch the saying ‘ a woman’s enemy is mostly another woman’.

Everything that we do in a day from voicing out our opinion to posting content online, we are utterly responsible for it. Why not choose to challenge and call out issues like gender bias and inequality? Isn’t that what we are striving for?

Women of all colours, ethnicities, cultures and believes should join hands to create an inclusive world!

#Choosetochallenge – From challenge comes change, so let’s all choose to challenge.


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