How To Deal With Obsessive Worrying And Solutions To Overcome Them

Worrying Can Be A Pain Sometimes

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“What if this doesn’t go well? What if it doesn’t go according to plan?” And there goes the start of endless trails of “what ifs”. Sure, it’s fine to worry here and there – but if you’re constantly worried about even the littlest things that don’t even matter, that becomes a huge problem. 

Sometimes, the things we worry about will not turn out the way our minds think it would be. I know it can be hard to stop these thoughts, but if you are self-aware and you realize that it’s unhealthy, you’ll be one step ahead to becoming a better version of yourself by learning to conquer your own mind.

Focus On The Positives

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Most of our worrying are negative thoughts. They are derived from fear. Let me ask you this – look back on your life and think of those times that you worried so much but in the end, most of those worries didn’t even happen. Everything turned out fine.

If you were worried about what people thought of you wearing a certain dress; or if you’re worried if anyone was talking bad about you when you look back, do you even see those people again? Are they still in your life – or were they just mere strangers and passersby who probably forgot about you by now?

Try switching those thoughts to;  “well, they’re not going to remember this after 10 minutes anyway!” and just let those negative thoughts slide away! “What’s the worst thing that could happen?” Ask yourself this question every time you start worrying about something. Only then you will realize that the worst thing that could happen would actually be not a big of a deal.

Stop Assuming Other People’s Thoughts

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“She must think I’m lazy.” “He probably feels that I am very incompetent.” “He must think I’m very clingy.”

I am no stranger in worrying about what others think of me. I tend to create scenarios and thoughts in my head that I assume, they are having those thoughts as well. Most of the time, they aren’t even thinking that way about you at all. 

If those thoughts sound familiar to you, hey, we’re on the same boat. Good thing is that, if you’re aware that you’re always assuming what others are thinking of you, it simply means that you don’t think highly of yourself, a.k.a, you have low self-esteem. See, if you think of yourself in a positive way, you won’t even think that others are judging you in a bad way. 

The solution is this – love yourself. Take a look at these habits to get an idea on how to stop worrying and learn to love yourself. Know and realize that you are capable and worth it. Accept the person you are, and be happy with yourself. Have positive thoughts about yourself!

Write down all of your worries

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If there are certain things that need to be done, write all of them down, including the steps needed in order to complete it. When you’re worried about not finishing a certain task, writing them down helps you to plan everything ahead and take note on the tasks that you have to do. That way, you’ll be less worried as you’ve come up with a plan and a solution. You won’t have to constantly think about how are you going to do it when you have it all laid out. 

When those worries are related to your own negative thoughts about yourself, write down daily affirmations. “You’re capable and competent.” “Everything will be okay”. “Pain is temporary”. Reading positive affirmations can bring you out of your dark cloud.

Realize That There Is No Beneficial Outcome From Worrying

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Let’s be real here – do you gain anything from endless worrying? Do you gain a new skill or become a better person by worrying? Honestly, the time you spent worrying would be better off spent on other much more productive things. You have control over what goes on in your life – why not focus on that instead of events that you can’t control? Take some time and think, what’s the next action you could do to improve the situation?

Don’t worry (no pun intended!), I know it isn’t easy to just quit worrying all the time – it’s not like a switch where you can easily on and off with a flick of a button. Reading this article is already a step, eh? Take control of your own mind, build up your self-esteem, and kick negativity in the ass! You got this!


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