Take A Break At These Hot Spring Resorts Malaysia

Hot Spring Resorts Malaysia

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If you live in Malaysia, then you know that besides the culture, traditions and norms, our country and holidays are inseparable. We almost have holidays all year round and most of us tend to visit the tourist attraction spots, go for food hunting and perhaps just stay at home by spending time with family. 

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Why not check out the hot spring resorts as a way to soak up your tiredness and stress while being away from the bustling, noise polluted cities for a change? No, you do not have to bat around for a perfect retreat as we have listed some top-rated hot spring resorts Malaysia for you to make your holidays fruitful. 

Here are the resorts that you should consider for your next road trip.

1. The Banjaran Hotsprings Retreat, Perak

If the cosy, luxury accommodations and the geothermal hot springs top your list, then look no further away from The Banjaran Hotsprings Retreat. Located approximately 15 minutes from Ipoh City, you will be in awe with the wonders and facilities that they offer.

Ranging from beautiful villas with private outdoor rain showers to three piquant fine dining restaurants where you can dine under the stars and in cave chambers, this resort makes your every moment unique and enduring. Find your way to the beautiful, serene meditation natural granite and limestone cave. Besides, soak in the natural, pure dipping pools of hot water which is a part of the three million litres billowing up daily from the ground below.

Known as Malaysia’s first luxury natural hot springs, do get relaxed with the bespoke holistic experiences surrounded by different species of flora and fauna. 

Visit their website to grab a spot before it’s too late! 

Website : https://www.sunwayhotels.com/the-banjaran/

2. Felda Residence Hot Spring Sungkai, Perak

Next on your bucket list should be the Sungai Klah Hot Springs which is located amid lush forest surrounded by high, green hills and crystal clear streams and rivers that flows all the way from the mountains. 

Besides, the price of the accommodations being affordable and reasonable for villas and deluxe rooms, there are plenty of activities to keep you occupied and calm. Children get attracted to the free flow hot spring swimming pools and hot stream egg boiling activity the most. 

While your kids enjoy themselves, you can consider the Malay traditional massage packages to ease your tiredness and hence improve the blood circulation.

Facebook: @frhotspringsperak

3. Lost World Hot Springs & Spa, Perak

The Saphira’s Lair

Yes, it is the Lost World of Tambun’s hot spring. If you are looking forward to relaxing and rejuvenating, drop by here especially at night to immerse yourself in the hot, natural mineral pools with your family. 

The Saphira’s Lair spring is exclusively made for children as once the sun sets in the evening, the vibrant and colourful lights around the spring play their role in enhancing the beauty of the rainforest by creating a glowing environment. Besides, there are also 

  • Steam Cave – Acts as a sauna where it promotes good blood circulation while leaving your skin clean and refreshed.
  • Top Of The World Pool – The perfect jacuzzi pool to loosen up your muscles, joints and pressure points as the water jets create a way for therapeutic hydro-massage. 
  • Crystal Spa – Time to get some aromatherapy, full-body massage here in your hut of choice.
  • Crystal Pool – If you are planning to have a short getaway with your family members, cousins or even friends on a weekend, then you can reserve this pool for yourselves to strengthen your relationship.

Website : https://sunwaylostworldoftambun.com/

4. Suria Hot Spring Resort, Pahang

Surrounded by tranquil greenery, this resort offers both hot springs and cool-water springs. A private jacuzzi can be found in every private villa of the resort where you can have your me-time without any external disturbances.

The hot water which is directly from the hot springs is later warmed with the mineral-rich water to give you an absolute temperature so that you can soak as long as you want. Your mind will be free from all the chaos.!

Do check out the amazing deals and get mellowed out!

Website : https://www.eryabysuria.com/hotels/hotspringbentong/

5. Poring Hot Spring, Sabah

Poring originated from the Kadazandusun, is a word for a haven of bamboo species which are found in an environment. After burning some calories from your hike up to Mount Kinabalu, the sulphuric water of the hot spring is the transcendent spot to soothe aching and tired muscles. 

The sulphuric water is believed to calm and have healing properties for skin irritations and allergies. 

Not only for hikers, but those who would like to have a great escape from the usual routine can also enjoy some quality time by dipping in the hot spring and visiting other attractions such as butterfly and deer farms, tropical gardens and going for a canopy walk.

Do not be surprised if you encounter some exquisite flora and fauna such as the rafflesia while you burn some calories. 

Poring Hot Spring should be your chosen hot spring if you happen to visit Sabah anytime soon. Head right now to the website to reserve the absolute villa for your family!


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As a human being who is continuously striving for the best whether it is in career, studies or even life in general, we need to take breaks and reward ourselves as we deserve it. Therefore, here are some of the hot spring resort Malaysia, sorted out for you as you matter!


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