6 Places Where You Can Buy Plants Online in Malaysia

Places To Buy Plants Online in Malaysia

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Nature always knows how to heal. However, it’s hard to reap the goodness of nature when you’re living in a concrete jungle. With the rise of the popularity of indoor plants, you too can grow your own mini jungle in your home. Some plants are said to purify the air in your home. One thing for sure, they will bring you much joy and happiness.

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Find out where you can buy plants online in Malaysia below.

1. Pulpy Garden

Credit image from Pulpy Garden’s Instagram

Located in the heart of KL, Pulpy Garden wishes to make more urbanites to care for plants in their homes. They focus more on succulents and cacti as they find them hardy and come in a plethora of colour, shapes, sizes and textures. Succulents are fun to care for as they make a statement whether they stand alone or when they are put together in a planter. You will surely be spoiled for choices if you are a fan of succulents. They even have a collection of rare and imported succulents for your collection.

Get your succulents here:

Website: https://pulpygarden.com/

Instagram: @pulpy_garden

Facebook: Pulpy Garden

2. Daun.com.my

Credit image from Daun.com.my’s Instagram

Founded by 2 plantrepreneurs who are dedicated to build a community with an environmentally conscious mind, Daun.com.my makes it easy for people to own a plant. You can choose from a variety of indoor plants depending on the conditions of your home. Choose from low light, medium light or bright light plants to join your family. Take your pick from orchids, Asparagus fern, zz plant and more. Bring your plant baby home knowing that with every purchase of RM250 and above, Daun.com.my will plant a tree in the wild.

Shop for various light level plants here:

Website: https://www.daun.com.my/

Instagram: @daun.com.my

Facebook: daun.com.my

3. Taman Hati

Credit image from Taman Hati’s Instagram

Founded by an engineer who decided to pursue her love for plants, Taman Hati is a sanctuary for nature lovers. With their recent collaboration with Planter Chin, plant lovers can now relax and have a cup of coffee while doing their plant shopping. Pick up a Begonia Maculata, Maranta Fascinator or various caladiums when you are there. Put your name down in their waiting list once there’s a spot for the coveted Philodendron Pink Princess!

Visit them here:

Website: https://tamanhati.storehub.me/

Instagram: @tamanhatijz

Facebook: TamanHati

4. Tiny Forest

Credit image from tinyforestusj’s Instagram

If you’re looking to buy plants online in Malaysia, you should definitely consider getting your hands on terrariums! The first and pioneer of terrariums in Malaysia, Tiny Forest is a family-owned business located in Subang. Some may even know one of the owners as the international superstar, Yuna! They aim to educate their clients on sustainability by providing support on how to care for their plants better, reducing packaging and incorporating green practices in their operations. Have your terrariums delivered to you and get them in various terrarium shapes. You can also get a Terrarium DIY kit and arrange one your own. They even have a DIY kit just for kids!

Build your terrarium now:

Website: https://tinyforeststore.com/

Instagram: @tinyforestsj

Facebook: Tiny Forest Terrariums

5. Plant & Pot Studio

buy plants online malaysia

Credit image from Plant and Pot Studio’s Instagram

First started in Puchong, this brick and mortar plant concept store now has opened in Ampang too. Now, they also offer delivery if you’re looking to buy plants online in Malaysia! They weave together indoor and outdoor plants in their space making it a beautiful cocoon of green. They also offer home-made living art pieces and homewares. They provide a space for plant-loving communities by doing workshops and at their cafe; the Sipping Corner. For first-time plant parent, let them guide you by choosing from their first-timer collections such as fittonia or palm. You can also get your hands on Sansevieria, Calatheas, Philodendrons and more.

Curate your home today:

Website: https://www.plantandpotstudio.com/

Instagram: @plantandpotstudio

Facebook: Plant & Pot Studio

6. Shoppokok

buy plants online malaysia

Credit image from shoppokok’s Instagram

Self-proclaimed plant whisperer, this mother daughter duo started shoppokok (pokok means tree) for the love of plants. Growing plants right in their homes for their customers, you can be sure that you’ll get a plant grown with love and care. Choose from an array of leafy plants to adorn your home such as Pothos, Monstera Adansonii, Calathea, Caladium and more. Maybe even get your hands on the beautiful Syngonium Pink Allusion. So if you’re looking to buy plants online in Malaysia, shoppokok is one of the best places to hunt your plant babies from!

Shop for your pokok here:

Website: https://shoppokok.yezza.store/

Instagram: @shoppokok

Buy Plants Online in Malaysia

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