Enjoy These Beauty Services At The Comfort Of Your Own Home

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Imagine a scenario like below:

Sofia: Mummy, since Talia’s birthday party is approaching, I thought of doing the same hairdo when we went to Jo’s dinner.

Mummy: It looked great on you! I’ll help you book an appointment.

Sofia: But mommy, the road to our usual salon is very congested and it takes so much time to get there!

Mummy: Then, don’t you wanna do the sleek braided ponytail?

Sofia: Can they travel to our place

Mummy: No darling, they can’t. Oh, wait! The other day Aunty Rose forwarded a website with Beauty Services At The Comfort Of Your Home. Ahh, look at this and let mummy know okay?

Sofia: Thank you, Mummy! I’m gonna be spoilt for choices now! (scrolls through the list as below)

We have it all honey, yes you are welcome!

Indulge In These Beauty Services Right At The Comfort Of Your Own Home!

1. Sentuh

A ‘sentuh’ on the screen, bring to a ‘sentuh’ on the body, literally! Sentuh, stands for touch in English, whether if you need a relaxing massage after a long day sketching drafts/replying to emails or plan to glam up with a dazzling, smokey eye make-up for the Hari Raya Night, Sentuh is your ultimate companion.

Download their first Mobile App for On-demand Mobile Beauty & Wellness Services in Malaysia to fix your appointment. Take care of your needs in your comfort place with an abundance of contentment without having to drag your legs anywhere!

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2. Effortless

How about a manicure and pedicure party at home with a bunch of bosom-buddies? And why not have a nail session at a party you host? Because nothing beats the feel of munching on scrumptious meals/desserts while making our hearts warm with the things we love.

Waxing, grooming (makeup classes), bridal & personal makeups, eyelash extensions are some of the services that are offered at Effortless. Just as they go by the name ‘Effortless’, they’ll be right at your doorstep anytime you prefer where all you gotta do is to reserve a spot, sit back and relax! How easy, isn’t it?

Get PRICELESS (moments & experience) with EFFORTLESS and not RESTLESS (looking for the best beauty services)!

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3. Inaz Beauty Spa

Next on the list is Inza Beauty Spa for the folks around Kuala Lumpur and Selangor specifically. ‘Your day spa that comes to you’ is their tagline, the services are served to women only. 

People’s choice at Inaz Beauty Spa is Body Massage + Face Lifting followed by the Manicure and Pedicure Session. Operating till nine at night, no worries if you are planning to unwind yourself after a hectic day. 

Hit them right now to calm and soothe your soul!


Let’s talk about hair, shall we?

4. Yuvi Hair Stylist

A look created by Yuvi (hair)

This Penang-based hairstylist was always told that her curly hair cannot be styled every time she stepped into a salon which made her lose confidence and put all the blame on herself when she was young.

Nevertheless, not only proving to people that every hair can be styled, now she has been the reason behind the smiles of many due to her igniting passion for hairstyling. 

Specialising in haircuts and hairdos for all events, Yuvi gives her best to her customers by creating a chic look that will be manageable without any hassle! A breath of fresh hair is awaiting when you hit Yuvi who has worked in multiple photoshoots and have a bunch of loyal patrons coming for her pleasant service. 

Fret not, as she is willing to travel even though you are not a Penangite to achieve your desired look whether it is a party, engagement or you name it!


We colour your dreams with a brush

5. Nails On Wheels

Say no more to heavy traffic jams, time in deciding either to wear the floral dress or the blue jumpsuit and even checking the Waze to get the best routes to the salon. 

Nails on Wheels known to be the first Malaysian Mobile Spa offers Basic Mani & Pedi starting from RM 160 only! Ladies, while treating yourself, do not forget your hubbies as they have packages for gentlemen as well.

With more than 6 kinds of manicure and pedicure, you can redeem gift vouchers for your loved ones at Nails on Wheels, a spa with a plethora of awards. Get your nails done while you enjoy the birds chirping by your garden or favourite series that’s finally out on Netflix!

Besides twinkling your nails, expect services like massages and waxing here.

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Sofia: Mummy! Mummy! Can I get my nails done too, please?

Mommy: Sure! Why not?

Just like Sofia, we hope that you have made your mind!

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