7 Best Fizzy Bath Bombs in Malaysia For A Relaxing Bath Session

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Bath Bombs in Malaysia

Thinking about a shower after a long day refreshes us instantly! Don’t we miss the days where we ‘lepak at mamak’ late at night and can’t wait to get a shower when we head back home? A good bath does wonders. Besides the usual bath session, why not get excited about pleasuring and fun baths while your body and skin thanks you in advance?

Yes, bath bombs get you those feelings (did you guess it right?). Bath bombs are fizzy, colourful and a self-pampering gift.

As usual, The Happy Hormones Malaysia has done all the work work, so all you gotta do is to click the bath bombs that you love!

1. Lush

bath bombs in malaysia

What bath bombs should I get for my vacay, tho? – Lush. Lush has attracted Malaysians who go after their fresh, handmade and vegan beauty products where the bath bombs top their list. The Deep Dream soporific decoction with Lavender and Roman Chamomile Flowers is for those who toss and toss around the bed struggling to hit the sack. 

Besides, The Groovy Kind Of Love Bomb fills your tub with love and peace while leaving your skin toned, balanced and refreshed. This heavenly essenced rainbow bomb is ‘sooo scenty’ that you can go days even without showering!

2. Wunderbath 

bath bombs in malaysia

Enjoy the swirl of the Cloud Day Bomb as you soak in the fruity cool water to ease your stress. Every bath bomb is infused generously in plant oils to soften the skin and whiten the yellowish nails. Since you can custom-made some adorable plant-based bath bombs, why not let your loved ones swim in a tub of ice cream? 

In addition, you might want to grab the Wunder Surprise Bath Bombs to embrace your childhood playtime memories as you discover the mystery gift!

3. Buih & Co

You gotta believe when we say Buih & Co was born out of boredom and, here it is, making headlines! Incorporating fruity and refreshing scents like Cranberry (Pink Panther), Tutti Frutti (Purple Rain), Spearmint (Frozen) into bath bombs make your nights beautiful by adding colours and bubbles to them. 

bath bombs in malaysia

Another reason to love their freshly made products with coconut oil is the Malaysian scents (Serai Wangi & Sirap Bandung). Approached by a 5-star hotel to them in their shop, the only thing you wanna smell after this could be BUIH!

4. Luxy Bath & Co

bath bombs malaysia

A mother’s LOVE always wins! The mom, who was concerned about her child and family (us too!), flourished Luxy Bath & Co, a natural and organic personal skincare deli. De-stress, Happy, Holiday, Unicorn and Rainbow Bath Bombs are what should be on your bathroom shelves. Get a couple of them and bathe in them either if you are worried or happy because they have it all!

5. Zen Suous 

bath bombs malaysia

For a spa day at your comfort, Zen Suous’s bath bombs are all that you need. Crafted with natural and organic essential oils, the cruelty-free bath bombs that come in different sizes relieves stress and anxiety, calms your nerves and retains the skin’s elasticity. Moreover, take a dip for smooth and silky skin with the Green Lemongrass, Morning Dew or Ocean bath bombs!

6. Qowiy

Sabatini Dzue, who loved collecting bath bombs when she travels, came with absoluteness after trying almost 100 recipes as she could not find the perfect ones in Malaysia.

bath bombs malaysia


  • Ensures a therapeutic and nutritious bath
  • Has nature-inspired bath bombs – give you the feel of cuddling in fresh, fluffy snow
  • Boosts tranquillity, provides inner peace, and more according to your needs (skin, mood, health)
  • It’s QOWIY!

7. The Gift Fairies

bath bombs malaysia

The Gift Fairies is a homegrown brand that sells beauty and cosmetic products. The founders who were tired of finding affordable door gifts made their own and BOMB! Plus, keep your eyes peeled on super adorable bath bombs like Mini Donut, Surprise Star and almost everything because people are quick.

You can paint an animal series bath bomb with your children where we bet you will feel ‘sayang’ to dissolve them. Oh, their bath bombs are suitable for kids aged four as well!f


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