5 Ways To Stay In Touch With Loved Ones When You’re Far Away From Each Other

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Staying connected with your family and friends during this quarantine period can help make staying at home more fun. Aside from keeping in touch during this pandemic, you could also refer to this article during times when you’re far away from them.

Are you running out of ideas on ways to stay connected with your loved ones? Are you already running out of topics on what to communicate about? We know that the effects of social distancing might have left some of you feeling restless and maybe even going insane. We have a few ideas just for you to pass time!

1. Video calls

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No matter how far you are from your loved ones, a video call is always a good way to stay in touch. Technology is so advanced now that you can do a video call just by using the internet. 

2. Virtual workout session 

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This is something we have personally tried and is working! Set a time with your friends and family, put on the right workout gear, place a bottle of water at your workout area and you’re good to go! This can help motivate each other as everyone will be doing it at the same time in their own homes. 

3. Virtual dinner parties

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Sounds exciting? It sure is! Set a time. Either make your own meals or order food delivery and have your meals together through a video call. 

4. Virtual tours

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If you’re really that bored at home, broaden your horizons with some virtual tours! There are many museums, parks, and even zoos offering virtual tours that you can do with your loved ones during this quarantine period. Tap on this link to see which tour interests you. 

5. Movie night

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Thanks to Netflix, we now have a Netflix party where you can watch a movie with your friends and family from the comfort of their own homes with an added group chat that allows you to chat about it while watching the movie. Select a movie and a time and have your nutritious snacks with you to munch! 

Hope these ideas will help ease your days at home. Stay safe, stay home and hopefully this all will come to an end soon!


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