#ShareYourStory With Yin Sinn: A Full-time Hustler Juggling Between The Corporate World And The Fitness Industry

This is Yin Sinn’s Story

“Fitness actually gains you confidence (not just on your physical appearance) but mentally as well when you breakthrough in your fitness journey.” – Yin Sinn

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Being the only female in her team at Ozone Fitness, it can be difficult at times. However, that doesn’t stop her from charging forward in being the best she can be! 

Hailing all the way from Malacca, Yin Sinn has always been active ever since her high school days. During her teenage years, she really loved studying which also enabled her to hold the position of head prefect and also a valedictorian! Currently, Yin Sinn enjoys the best of both worlds by holding a full-time corporate job and fitness trainer on the side. Being the ambitious person she is, Ozone Fitness Malaysia, a place for Callisthenic training, was also co-founded by her.

Image Source: Yin Sinn’s Instagram

“Many of you see me as a fitness full-timer, but I actually still have my corporate job. I enjoy growing my professional career as well!”, she mentioned.

Fitness Changes You, But For The Better

Being a fitness trainer isn’t what she had always dreamed of. Coming from someone who initially never really worked out at all, her fitness journey started when she signed up for a gym membership close to her office in hopes of losing some weight. Along the way, she grew to love exercising on a regular basis after gaining several achievements. 

“I think the reason why I fell in love with fitness is because of the little achievements that you can celebrate along the way. For instance, from 0 pull up to 5 pull up, and so on.”

The community in the fitness industry was also one of the primary reasons on why she decided to embark on her fitness trainer journey. The positive, supportive people inspired her by how everyone was providing continuous support with one another! 

Yin Sinn also mentioned how fitness helps one to gain more confidence in themselves, in terms of physical appearance as well as mentally. 

Image Source: Yin Sinn’s Instagram

Why calisthenics? 

For those of you who don’t know, calisthenics is all about performing exercises just by using one’s own body weight, making this type of exercise highly functional. The ability to train anytime and anywhere on top of having the strength to control your body pulled Yin Sinn into the world of calisthenics. Ever since then, she never turned back! 

Fun Facts About Yin Sinn

Image Source: Yin Sinn’s Instagram

Aside from building her professional career and training others as a fitness trainer, she also loves to bury her head in books, which is why one of her favourite places aside from the gym is a place with a lot of books, such as a library! She also loves to learn new things. At the moment, she is currently learning the Japanese language as well as piano during her spare time. 

Yin Sinn wasn’t kidding when she mentioned she loved studying. When asked to list out some 3 fun facts about herself, she emphasized on how much she really loves to study, apart from being an avid book reader alongside being an ice-cream fanatic! 

We really admire her sheer passion and determination in life! It’s no wonder she was able to kick start her entrepreneurial career alongside her day job, something which not any ordinary person is able to do.

Challenges When Handling Multiple Roles 

Being a fitness trainer, holding a full-time job as well as starting up your own gym is never easy. Having a strong, close-knit team is what drives her to make the journey easier. Many Malaysians aren’t aware of how beneficial it is to exercise by just using your own bodyweight such as calisthenics and obstacles. There wasn’t any proper training ground for Malaysians to practice these exercises. Hence, the birth of Ozone Fitness Malaysia which are able to drive more awareness along with developing international athletes. 

Image Source: Yin Sinn’s Instagram

“Our mission is simple. We want more Malaysians to have a proper training zone for these sports and hopefully we will be able to develop more international athletes in the area.”

Of course, when it comes to juggling multiple jobs, along comes with the stress. What helps Yin Sinn to survive the intense workload is knowing your “why”. 

“Having a strong sense of purpose – when you know “WHY”, no matter how tired you are, you will take a break, but you will not give up.” Yin Sinn shared.

Having a strong community surrounding you will also make the journey much more bearable.

Some of her amazing team members she mentioned were @hui_vern, @luciffer_handstander @jojo_chuan and @cwaileong.

Lastly, count the small blessings. No matter how big or small your wins are, embrace it all. 

“Celebrate every little success. Some people tend to be so busy chasing the next thing and they are never satisfied. Don’t be, embrace the journey!” Yin Sinn exclaimed.

Life Advice from Yin Sinn

Yin Sinn also emphasized on one’s passion. If you’re passionate about something, you should start spending time to fully understand and learn it. This is also why she took up a personal training certification in order to gain a much deeper knowledge in fitness. 

“Right now, I coach on a part-time basis truly because I wish to inspire more people on staying fit and healthy.” 

Despite her hectic schedule, Yin Sinn still manages her time well by incorporating some self-care. Her definition of self care is all about taking a break to spend time with yourself. She spends time by herself to read and mediate without any external distractions. 

Yin Sinn’s best advice to everyone out there is to imagine your life as a movie. Once you have that in your mind, be sure that movie is worth watching. 

We hope Yin Sinn’s story has inspired you to never give up and continue to hustle!

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