#ShareYourStory With Pan Perli: A Passionate Fitness Coach Who Lives To Empower Others

“Doubt kills more dreams than failure ever will.” – Pan Perli

This Is Pan Perli’s Story

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Growing up in the heart of Kuala Lumpur, Perli is a typical city girl who longs to be living near the beach where she could wake up to the sound of waves instead of incoming traffic. Though she has lived in the city her whole life, she is actually a beach bum at heart. If you don’t find her in the gym, you’ll probably see her in Bali together with her dogs, which is her most favourite place on earth! 

Being A Fitness Coach Was Her True Calling 

For a girl who kept making excuses to skip any sports related activities back in high school, you wouldn’t expect her to build a career that involves heavy lifting later on down the road. She was around the age of 20 when she realized fitness and lifting in general wasn’t so bad at all. 

“It was not my dream at all! I was such an anti gym person growing up because I don’t see the need to. I wasn’t necessarily skinny or fat, just somewhere in between. When I was around 20 years old, I decided to give it a try after a really toxic relationship and look how far I’ve come!” Perli shared.  

From that experience, she realized she would be able to thrive in this industry much further than her previous corporate job. Since then, she has never turned back! Currently, she is a fitness coach at The Playground and Clean Health Fitness Institute

Her Experience Entering Bikini Bodybuilding Competitions

Perli has entered a few bikini bodybuilding competitions throughout the years. On the outside, it may look glamorous and fun, but little did you know there is a lot of hard work involved. 

“It is a lot of hard work, discipline, to a point that it will drive someone crazy if your willpower and self control is not strong enough,” Perli mentioned.

However, that doesn’t stop her as she loves to be challenged and pushed to the limit. She enjoys the entire process of grinding, sweating and endless tears. She hopes to join another competition once the pandemic is over, but she is still maintaining her healthy lifestyle by training regularly while eating well. This is a lifestyle she wouldn’t ever give up. 

Live To Empower Others While Being Empowered 

Perli is big on body positivity, especially females, which motivated her to start Beauty Beyond Size, a platform to voice out and spread her knowledge as a female fitness coach. She aims to break the stigma on how females are supposed to look a certain way, or how society judges them by how they look. 

“Females very often are pressured to fit into the ‘perfect mold’ or to be a certain way. I think that’s absolutely bullshit. You be whatever you want, do whatever you want. But of course, it has to be for the better!” Perli explained. 

Fun Facts About Perli 

Let’s get to know Perli a little better! Did you know she wishes Dwayne ‘The Rock’ Johnson could be her BFF? The reason being she would love to train together with him while looking like a giant harmless teddy bear! Hello Dwayne Johnson, please come to Malaysia and train with her! 

One thing she absolutely loves would be her cute, adorable dogs! She mentioned that she is totally obsessed with dogs and once she sees one, nobody in the world exists except for the little fella. It’s also one of the ways she deals with stress aside from cuddling her loved ones and going for retail therapy. 

If you notice, Perli is always laughing! That’s because she loves to make people laugh by teasing, annoying and distracting her friends. It makes her feel tremendous joy as well! 

Always wanted to try something bizarre and out of your comfort zone? Count her in as she loves to do spontaneous activities despite the risk of getting into trouble! 

Training and eating well is Perli’s own way of self-love. She practices this every day as her form of self-care while going for a nice pampering session with a facial or massage. 

We hope Perli’s story has inspired you the way it inspires us, to never be afraid of trying new things and to love yourself for who you are, despite how you look like. 

Do you have your own story to tell? Drop us an email at: [email protected] 

Perli’s Instagram: @panperli


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