#ShareYourStory With Kelvin: The Founder Of Lip & Co And A Brain Tumor Survivor Who Inspires Others Through Kindness & Empathy

“What I’ve learned in life is that we will face many obstacles and when it gets difficult, I will contemplate the kindness that I’ve received from others and think beyond myself. As long as I can be of service to a single person by not giving up… I will not.” – Kelvin 

This Is Kelvin’s Story 

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Growing up, Kelvin has always been fascinated with entrepreneurship, followed by a keen interest in philosophy and social science. With a double major in computer science and business under his belt, Kelvin started his own company called UB Cosmetics Int. where he holds the position of Founder & CEO. Having been born in Kuala Lumpur and raised in Penang, Kelvin describes himself as an empathetic, tenacious, and driven person as he continues to embark on a purposeful mission. 

Being a fan of all things beauty, we asked Kelvin to define beauty in his own words. 

“Beauty is an internal state of being where one is at peace with their ‘imperfections’.” 

Venturing Into Entrepreneurship And Starting Up Lip & Co

It all started when Kelvin saved up his pocket money to purchase stationery and proceed to sell them to his classmates in hopes of earning a little profit. However, that wasn’t his first official business – it was a cafe that he started with his best friend at only 20 years old! They ended up selling it off at a certain profit merely 6 months later upon opening. 

After that, he continued his career at a Tech MNC & Financial Institution before venturing into a self-discovery phase. That was when he discovered his passion for innovating or supporting opportunities that have a purpose. Hence, Lip & Co. was born with the purpose of introducing brands that speak to people. 

“’CO’ represents collaborations, Community & Collective. We aspire to build a community that would join us in our journey in making a difference one conversation at a time,” Kelvin explained. 

Lip & Co. – More Than Just A Beauty Brand 

It may seem just like a normal beauty product, Lip & Co., which is the sister brand of UB Cosmetics Int., takes pride in offering a symbol of hope through their products. Kelvin shared that it was created due to his passion and unwavering faith while battling a brain tumor together with several challenges which came along the way. 

What makes Lip & Co. stand out among the masses is how they are driven by purposeful collaborations which are aligned with their core values, kindness and empathy. Aside from being known as a cruelty-free, 100% vegetarian beauty brand, they focus on humanizing products in order to produce results beyond functionality alone. “It is a journey and experience that our consumers have with the product or brand as a whole,” Kelvin shared. 

In conjunction with their plans after the 2020 pandemic, he mentioned that they are more focused on rebuilding and strengthening their core, whereby he had to manage the burdens of the entire company by himself for up to 14 months or so.

His Experience On Being A Brain Tumor Survivor

Kelvin was unfortunately diagnosed with a brain tumor during the early stages of founding Lip & Co. However, it didn’t stop him from pursuing his dreams while soldiering on! It was indeed a difficult journey for him, who mentioned, “There have been days where I felt extremely defeated – crushed to be exact. There were also many battles I have had to face and overcome since I was young, but with every defeat, I was able to earn wisdom, resilience and humility.”

Through those experiences, he managed to learn and understand himself more. It came to a point where he realized that his purpose holds much greater value than what he has to lose. 

His Advice On Mental Health & Life As A Whole

When we asked to share his advice on those battling with an illness or any mental health issues, he shared, “Know that it is alright and you are not alone. Speak to someone you can trust and get the necessary help you need.”

He managed to receive several anonymous messages from individuals that reached out to him through his #mykindofbeauty campaign which he started. These individuals mentioned that it helped to save their lives. To Kelvin, that is indeed, the best and greatest privilege. 

Kelvin also wishes to see an increase of kindness and empathy are woven into the fabric of society while also infused in the education system. We entirely agree with this as well! 

As for his best life advice, Kelvin shared, “To find your passion and put all your heart and soul in it. To discover your own gift and share it with others. Perhaps.. giving it away eventually. Pay it forward as someone else has paved the way for you.” 

We hope Kelvin’s story has inspired you the way it inspires us, to find your own purpose and never giving up despite the challenges you face along the way! 

Stay tuned to the re-launch of Lip & Co.’s official website on 18th March 2021 – until then, keep your eyes peeled on their social media to be notified of the latest news or updates.

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Kelvin’s Instagram: @bykelvinkean
Lip & Co.’s Instagram: @lipandcobeauty
Lip & Co.’s Website: https://www.lipandco.com/


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