#ShareYourStory With Heather: A Girl Who’s On Her Journey of Being Physically And Mentally Stronger

This is Heather’s Story

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“Overall, powerlifting not only made me a physically and mentally strong person, but it also helped me to realize what I want the best version of myself to be, to keep growing and learning no matter what.” – Heather

Image Source: Heather’s Instagram Page

A Girl Who Was Once A Little Lost

Heather who was born in Serdang and grew up in Subang Jaya is an active powerlifter. When asked what inspired her to start powerlifting, she said at age 18, a friend of hers needed a few students for his startup coaching company and decided to ask her if she could be part of his team to which of course she agreed to. 

At that time, she was feeling lost, depressed and unmotivated that she lost almost 12kgs as she lost her appetite to eat for a while. 

Little did she know, powerlifting would lift her up! Heather, who loves playing video games and outdoor activities, mentioned that she managed to achieve a lot more than she could ever imagine in terms of physical and mental growth despite being weak in the beginning. Plus, she even competed in a powerlifting meet that she did remarkably well for a first-timer.

Image Source: Heather’s Instagram Page

How Her Powerlifting Journey Began

“The reason I kept continuing to compete in powerlifting, is because it allows me to channel all my emotions into one thing, focusing on just one movement at a time, and I think that gave me an outlet to release all the pent up emotions that I felt in the back of my head”.

She emphasized on how exercising can reduce the feeling of stress and sadness when your brain produces endorphins (one of the happy hormones) during each movement. We couldn’t agree more!

Image Source: Heather’s Instagram Page

Fun Facts About Heather

We also asked Heather where her most favorite place on earth is besides the gym to which she answered the airport!

“To me, the anticipation of going somewhere new that you have never seen before or returning home from an adventure gives me comfort, especially the silence after a midnight check-in where everyone just sits down and relax while they wait for their planes,” Heather mentioned.

We admit we can totally agree on this, it’s also as though you’re starting a whole new chapter as soon as you step your foot into an airport! 

Moreover, here are three more fun facts about this beautiful, strong woman: she’s the only child, she’s got eczema scars all over her body and lastly, she loves collecting books!

We asked if she could have any celebrity as her BFF, who would it be and why. She replied to us with a pretty cool answer, the one and only Gordon Ramsay! The reason being, chances are, the multi-Michelin starred chef would insult her and snap her out from being a stress ball if they were BFFs besides cooking all her favorite food by the renowned chef himself!

Yum! We’d love for Gordon Ramsay to cook for us too 😛 

The Road To Self-love

Let’s talk about self-love, something which many of us struggle deeply with. Besides being physically active which made her realize what she wants the best version of herself to be, Heather buries herself in books as a form of self-care. Cleaning her room, putting on a face mask and petting a dog are some of the other ways on how she practices self-love. 

“I think self-care needs to come from within, as in the motivation to care for yourself and love yourself so that you take small steps to becoming a better version of yourself. I think self-care should be spontaneous and doing the things that make you feel a sense of comfort and happiness.”

Image Source: Heather’s Instagram Page

One of Heather’s best life advices for those who are having a hard time coping with mental health is that you can’t save everyone because that will be at the expense of your mental health. If someone or something is making you feel mentally exhausted, it’s okay to be a little selfish and unwind for a short moment, as long as you made it clear to them that you need some space. 

We hope Heather’s story has inspired you the way it inspired us!

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Heather’s Instagram: @heatherwolfgirl


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