Maternity Dress Malaysia For Fabulous Moms

Maternity Dress Malaysia

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Growing a little person in your belly is a beautiful and humbling experience. But mom-to-be may have mixed feelings too as their body changes and their clothes do not fit anymore.

Should you then resort to baggy T-shirts or basic maternity dresses every day? Fret not mommies, you can still look fabulous at every stage of your journey! Read on for 7 places to get maternity dress Malaysia.

1. Laimage

Laimage is determined to ensure that mom-to-be can don maternity dresses that are trendy and chic. This way, mom-to be can have fun with fashion even when growing a baby in their belly. They have fun patterns and colours and offer all types of clothes from tops, pants, skirts and maternity dress.Whether it’s a casual or a professional look you’re looking for, you will be sure to find it with Laimage.

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2. Doublewoot

For a luxurious feel, Doublewoot is here for you. Once or twice weekly, Doublewoot launches a new collection so you can always look trendy. They have all kinds of outfits for every occasion. Whether you’re dressing up for your baby shower, back to the office or running errands for all your baby’s needs, you best know that you will look like a movie star. With high-quality maternity dresses at an affordable price, it is no wonder that even celebrities choose to wear Doublewoot.

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3. Lilit.

Lilit. aspires to give women comfortable and stylish wear that can be mixed and matched so you can always spice up your look. They offer modest and fashionable wear for women and also expectant mothers. Their styles are flexible and materials are breathable – a perfect combination of style and comfort. Their colour range are more muted and leans to nude and warm colours but you can find the occasional pop of colour in their outfit range. Their outfits are definitely one for keeps.

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4. 9months Maternity

Staying true to their name, 9months Maternity has clothes for every step of your maternity journey. Their philosophy is to have mom-to-be looking chic and sophisticated during this amazing journey. They also refuse to let mom-to-be have to compromise their sense of style just because their bodies are changing. Their maternity dress Malaysia and other clothes are made from jersey fabric. This is due to the material’s durability, easy to manage as it is wrinkle-free and moves with you and also as it is highly comfortable. Don’t miss out on 9months Maternity’s outfits when planning your maternity closet.

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5. Poplook

PopLook is another brand that aims to provide modest and fashionable maternity dress Malaysia and wear for expectant mothers. Expect to see long sleeves maternity dresses and tops and long pants. If these are what you are looking for, you have now found it. Their style gives you both comfort and functionality making it easy for you to go about your day at your best. While the offer casual wear, you can also check out their festive lines for that extra glam.

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6. H&M

A globally known brand, H&M also offers maternity dresses and wear. If you have been a fan before embarking on your pregnancy journey, there is no reason to stop now. H&M also has a variety of maternity dresses and wear for you to choose from. With different colours, types and styles, you are definitely spoiled for choice. Add another piece to your wardrobe and complete or start your H&M collection. 

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7. Scarlet Maternity

An AEON in-house brand, Scarlet has a range for normal, plus size and even maternity wear, making it one of the well-known shops offering maternity dress Malaysia. Understanding that women’s bodies come in all shapes and sizes, you can be sure there is something for everyone. They carry different kinds of maternity tops, pants, skirts and dresses. Moreover, there are many vibrant colours and patterns to choose from. Next time you stop by to get your groceries or home products, you can also refresh your maternity look all under one roof!

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