Baby Gift Sets Malaysia for The Perfect Bundle of Joy

Baby Gift Sets Malaysia

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The stork has come to deliver the perfect bundle of joy. Whether you’re a parent, parent-to-be or just someone looking to celebrate the new addition, getting a baby gift set is always a great idea. Typically loaded with essentials or specialised for certain purposes, it makes gifting easier. Here’s a list of stores with baby gift sets Malaysia for you to choose from.

1. Bea and Bow

Birthed from the realisation that there is a gap in the market for practical and fun baby products, Bea and Bow was born. Offering a wide range of products, from clothes, beddings and even toys, you can surely get whatever a baby needs with them. Their products are designed with luxury, functionality and of course, quality in mind. They believe in giving babies the best.

Personalisation is available as they understand that a baby’s name is precious. You can customise the font and also thread colour for the name. Each product is hand-designed so expect only the best. If choices make you dizzy, choose one of their ready gift sets, let them know the name to personalise and wait for it to arrive.

Credit: Bea and Bow

Price Range: RM169.80 – RM269.90

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2. Giftr

For a seamless gifting experience, hop on over to Giftr – an online gifts marketplace that also has baby gift sets Malaysia. Understanding the need for gifting ideas and recommendations from their days in Helpr, Giftr came to light to provide the solution. There’s a gift idea for every occasion so filter out your search by checking ‘Baby Goods’, ‘For Kids’ or ‘For Newborn’ to find a variety of baby gift sets according to your needs.

Whether you are looking for a bathing products set, clothing set or just want to send a congratulatory bouquet for the new addition to the family, Giftr has one for you. Personalisation is available depending on the type of baby gift set you choose. Whether it’s for the baby or the baby mama, Giftr is there for you.

Credit: Giftr

Price Range: RM59.90 – RM404.00

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3. Hello Joy

For the simple joy of gifting, Hello Joy was brought to life. Hello Joy wishes to spread the joy of gifting but also ensure the functionality and design is not overlooked and the designs are beautiful. They offer a nationwide delivery and they even cater to urgent requests which is great for you last minute gifters.

Their baby gift sets are not only aesthetically pleasing but also put together with thought and care. Just pick one of their baby gift sets and choose to add the baby’s name for that extra personal touch. Most of their baby gift sets come in pretty baskets that can most certainly be reused for other storage.

Credit: Hello Joy

Price Range: RM85.00 – RM580.00

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4. Applecrumby and Fish

Every mom wants the best for their baby and what’s better than knowing the products used on the baby are safe, natural and organic? That is what Applecrumby and Fish promises. A homegrown brand that was born from a parents quest for safe, natural and organic products for their own baby. Realising how difficult it is to do so, they take it on their hands to create one. Created by parents for parents, you can’t go wrong with Applecrumby and Fish.

They have a variety of products for all the baby’s needs. What’s great is you can get their products in bundles to ensure the baby never runs out of what they need. You can also get their Newborn Hampers baby gift set via Bloomthis for that thoughtful gift. Add a card for all your beautiful wishes.

Credit: Bloomthis

Price Range: RM219 – RM579

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5. Souly

Ensuring the gifts given touch one’s soul, Souly curates their gifts selections with care and attention. For those special parents or babies that you hold dear to your heart, Souly will ensure that the experience of receiving and unwrapping your gift is a memorable one. Whether the gender of the baby is known or unknown to you, Souly has the perfect baby gift set for you to give.

Their baby gift sets typically come with a toy in addition to a baby’s everyday needs products. This way, you can ensure that you are there for the mama and baby every step of the way. Their gift set gives a warm and personal feel and it is as if they have been put together and wrapped by you personally. What a delightful touch!

Credit: Souly

Price Range: RM100.00 – RM330.00

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6. Baby Dash

Started by a mama who just wants a convenient place for other mamas to get essentials for their baby, Baby Dash was born. Baby Dash offers a wide range of products for each and every one of a baby’s needs and wants. They offer products that allow one to be there for every step of a baby’s life from newborn to when they are ready for school.

They carry a variety of brands’ products to make it easy for one to choose from. Their baby gift set sure gives a lot of bang for your buck. For an affordable price, their baby gift sets are packed with items that will sure make any parents grin with joy upon receiving.

Credit: Baby Dash

Price Range: RM108.90 – RM256.00

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7. tinys

At tinys, all of their garments are made with the babies’ comfort, safety and freedom to be themselves without being hindered by allergic reactions or sensitivities in mind. They offer baby clothes and accessories for precious babies. They ensure their products are sustainable so that we can reduce our environmental impact even when bringing in a new person to Earth. Their pieces are made from GOTS certified organic cotton which ensures the cottons were not exposed to harmful chemicals or utilised forced/child labour in its farming.

They understand some babies may have sensitive skins and hence, their products are suitable even for these delicate needs. You can personalise your gifts by adding the baby’s name to tinys’ clothes making it known that you have chosen these ethical and safe items specifically for this particular baby. Gift one of their special baby gifts to that special little person in your life. Great news, they also support instalment payment!

Credit: tinys

Price Range: RM159.90 – RM299.90

Order: Place your order here
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