5 Things Women Need for a Happy, Healthy and Satisfying Sex Life

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Things Women Need For A Happy, Healthy And Satisfying Sex Life

Let’s talk about sex! Sex is all things nice. There are really no words to describe the feeling you get when you’re in that moment of getting intimate with your partner. However, if you feel like you’re having trouble in the bedroom, ladies, you’re not alone. Getting in the mood or achieving an orgasm are a few of the common problems couples face. 

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Looking to have a happy and healthy sex life with your partner? Here are 5 things you might want to try to spice things up in the bedroom!

1. Communicate about your likes and dislikes with your partner

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Before you get down to it, you first need to know what you enjoy in bed and what you don’t. Everyone has their own preferences and it’s good that you find out what really turns you on, what positions you prefer, etc. Take some time and get to know yourself better. Communication about sex can be tough if you don’t know what you like!

So once you’ve figured that out, don’t be afraid to be vocal about your sexual desires with your partner. Communicating your likes and wants with your partner is one way you can have more satisfying sex!

2. Having a positive body image and sexual self-confidence

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One reason why you might not be having the best sex life you ever wanted with your partner is not having a positive body image. The question is, is body image affecting your sex life? Let’s be real, having negative thoughts about your own body can lead to low self-esteem, what more about sexual self-esteem. 

Don’t let body image get in the way of having an amazing intimate moment with your partner. Having a positive body image leads to having higher sexual self-confidence and can help both partners feel better about themselves, therefore perform better in bed. Most likely, your partner actually sees how perfect you are! 

3. Having the ability to fully focus 

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When we get into the bedroom, there’s only one thing we need to focus on and that is to be intimate with your partner. Getting distracted during sex can happen from time to time. It could be that you have your to-do list in your head at that point of time or anything else that you’re worried about. 

To have a more healthy and satisfying sex life it’s important for your mind to be present when it comes to bedroom action! What you can do when you cantch your mind drifting is to practice mindfulness during sex. Take a deep breath and focus on your breathing. 

Try not to fight distractions but acknowledge them instead. The more your fight them, the more you’ll think about it! When you’re getting distracted, gently redirect your attention to what’s more important to you at that moment of time.

4. Having a deeper connection level with your partner

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An important part of having a healthy relationship with your partner is having a deep connection level which eventually can deepen your sexual connection. To have a more meaningful sexual experience, it truly is important to get to know your partner better and to build an emotional connection or emotional intimacy with them. 

Intimacy with your partner requires more than just sexual desires. It requires understanding, acceptance and physical attraction. Ask yourself this question – Do you think of sex as a safe place to feel loved, truly seen and to be able to fully express yourself without being judged?

If your answer is ‘yes’, you know you and your partner gotta work towards building a deeper connection with each other.

5. Using the right products to make sex more pleasurable and comfortable

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Vaginal dryness can be an issue in older women. However, even young women experience it too. Using the right products such as a lubricant can help make your sex life more pleasurable and a fun experience. Be picky with the lubricant you purchase as we all have different preferences. 

You might also want to try adding a sex toy into the bedroom. You’d be surprise to know that sex toys can actually lead to more sexual satisfaction. Sex toys such as vibrators can help you to experiment with stimulation areas, pleasure points and different sensations, allowing you to know your body better and helping you find out what you really enjoy. 

Best to look for sex toys that have premium quality and safe for your body! 


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