10 Superfood Malaysia You Should Eat For Better Health

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Superfood Malaysia

When it comes to nutrition, have you heard of the popular phrase “You are what you eat”? By eating superfoods, you gain superhuman powers! Nah, we can’t promise you that but eating superfoods constantly can help reduce the risk or ward off diseases and keep your body healthier. 

So what are superfoods and why are they important? Superfoods is basically a term used to refer to foods that offer a great number of benefits that are rich in vitamins, minerals and antioxidants compared to other foods.

It’s important for us to incorporate superfoods into a well-balanced diet as this can improve energy levels, promote heart health as well as reduce signs of aging. The Happy Hormones has provided a list of 10 superfood Malaysia that you should eat for better health. Check them out! 

1. Garlic

Image Source: dumplingconnection.com

Garlic is known as a superfood in Malaysia and is widely used in Asian cooking. They’re packed with nutrients and are rich in antioxidants which helps to protect your cells against cell damage.

They also contain a sulphur compound called allicin that gives out a pungent smell and a distinctive flavour. This compound is important as it eliminates bad cholesterol from the body and thus, protecting cardiovascular health. Besides that, garlic also has antibacterial properties that can fight against infections. 

2. Blueberries

Image Source: superfoodsrx.com

If you didn’t know, blueberries have the highest antioxidant level among all the well-known fruits and vegetables. They’re known as the king of antioxidant foods which are low in calories, high in vitamin C, vitamin K and fibre.

Due to their high antioxidant content, they can help protect against cellular damage and aging by neutralizing the free radicals in the body. The main antioxidant in blueberries called anthocyanins is also said to help reduce the risk of heart diseases. 

3. Spinach





Image Source: medicalnewstoday.com

Dark leafy greens such as spinach are also a popular superfood in Malaysia that is loaded with lots of nutrients. They are packed with vitamins, minerals and protein that can strengthen your immune system, improve the skin, hair as well as bone health.

Spinach can be easily incorporated into your diet as they’re convenient and simple to prepare. You can even eat them raw! 

4. Broccoli

Image Source: bbcgoodfood.com

These “little green trees” we call broccoli has many amazing health benefits. Do you remember your parents making you eat broccoli when you were a kid? Horrible times but thank goodness they did! Known as one of the healthiest green veggies, they’re packed with nutrients such as fiber, vitamins and minerals as well as sulphur-containing compounds.

Not only are they good in boosting the immune system, they also aid in digestion, preventing constipation and lowering the risk of heart diseases. The calcium and vitamin K content in broccoli can also help boost bone health, making the bones stronger, thus, reducing the risk of osteoporosis. 

5. Ginger

Image Source: natures-discount.com

Used as a spice in most Asian food, this superfood is loaded with nutrients, antioxidants and has many powerful health benefits, including being antibacterial, antiviral as well as anti-inflammatory. It works wonders for your health which is why it is considered to be a superfood.

They’re effective in helping the body fight off chronic diseases such as heart diseases. Have an upset stomach? Drinking ginger tea can calm an upset stomach as well as cure morning sickness!

6. Sweet potatoes

Image Source: leaf.nutrisystem.com

These sweet, starchy, highly nutritious vegetables come in a range of colours and sizes, purple, white and orange included. They’re considered a superfood in Malaysia as they are loaded with nutrients such as vitamins, minerals, fiber as well as antioxidants to protect the body from damaging free radicals.

Besides that, orange sweet potatoes are incredibly packed with beta-carotene which is converted to vitamin A in the body. It helps improve eye health and reduce the risk of vision loss. 

7. Avocado

Image Source: justplaincooking.ca

Just like the other superfoods, avocados are also highly nutritious as they are rich in vitamins, minerals, omega 3, lutein and fiber. They have become quite popular among people who are health conscious.

From avocado shakes to avocado spreads, you can have it for breakfast, lunch, dinner or even supper! 

8. Eggplant

Image Source: webmagazinetoday.com

Eggplant is considered a superfood as it contains a rich amount of nutrients such as antioxidants, vitamins and minerals. Other than that, it’s also a great source of dietary fiber.

Eggplants are also rich in natural plant chemicals – polyphenols which can help manage blood pressure as well as control your blood sugar levels. They’re incredibly easy to add to your diet as they can be baked, grilled or roasted!

9. Carrots

Image Source: healthshots.com

Carrots are root vegetables that have many health benefits. It has been upgraded to a ‘superfood’ as they’re highly nutritious. If you didn’t know, carrots are known to improve and protect your eyesight due to their healthy dose of vitamin A.

Other than supporting good vision, carrots are also incredibly healthy for the skin. The antioxidants and vitamin A in carrots can help you achieve glowing skin and help protect your skin from harmful sun rays. 

10. Goji Berry

Image Source: healthline.com

Goji berry is a low-calorie and high-fiber fruit which is also known as one of the richest natural sources of nutrients on earth! These tiny fruits are packed with nutrients and people have been using them to treat many health issues such as controlling blood sugar levels, fighting aging as well as protecting against eye-related diseases.

Apart from that, goji berries also contain beta-carotene that is vital for the eyes, the skin, bone and cell development. The next time you’re having desserts, yoghurt, oatmeal or a smoothie, you can add fresh or even dry goji berries to them! 


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