myFITBOX: Offering Healthy Snacks From All Over The World Through Vending Machines

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Ever wondered what unicorns do for a living? Well, in this article, you’ll eventually find out! 

Their exclusive merchandise line

Jokes aside, myFITBOX is a Malaysian based company founded by Geoffrey and Heywood who met each other while studying for their masters in the UK. In their own words, “We hit it off immediately in a let’s-be-friends-and-cook-together kind of way!”

Their aim is to offer healthy, functional food to Malaysians sourced from all over the world no matter where they are.

Let’s get to know a little bit more about the two co-founders with a brief description of each of them!

Getting To Know The Founders Behind myFITBOX

Heywood (Left), Geoffrey (Right)


  • Born in the UK, but mostly spent his time in Malaysia 
  • Studied communications and global politics
  • Ventured into public relations upon starting his career and worked with clients such as Samsung & Unilever
  • Well experienced in the field of journalism, event management and advertising 
  • Passionate about fitness, especially CrossFit, enabling him to know many gym owners across Klang Valley


  • A research professional at a Hong Kong property developer, UK Property Fund and global research agency
  • Love numbers, data and statistical models 
  • Passionate about nutritional science
  • Possess a Precision Nutrition Level 1 Certificate in Exercise Nutrition
  • Avid fan of powerlifting, which helped him to conceptualise fitness areas around house properties 


Have they always been into living a healthy lifestyle all this while ever since they were young? (Though, they are in fact, still young of course!)

Since 2012, both of them have had a keen interest in fitness and nutrition. “Heywood’s interest lies more in the science-y parts of nutrition while I prefer to hop around different gyms to analyze the latest fitness trends,” Geoffrey shared.

While they were enjoying the sun during a holiday in Phuket, they had the opportunity to get a hold of many healthy food options, which then made them realize that it was difficult and expensive for others to get them. 

“It was our dream holiday – gym, eat, sleep and repeat! In the midst of enjoying all the healthy food options we had there, it came to us that it was difficult and expensive to get these healthy, tasty, functional foods where we are every day. So we decided that there had to be a better way – the myFITBOX way!” 

Offering Healthy Food and Drinks Options Through Vending Machines 

We all know the traditional way of getting these healthy snacks and drinks by famous marketplaces like Shopee, Lazada, or simply any grocery stores in Malaysia.

But myFITBOX does it a little differently – they noticed people purchase snacks rather impulsively. Through vending machines, customers are able to grab it and go as they please once they lay their eyes on them, before and after their workout. 

Other than that, despite several established brands such as MyProtein and Optimum Nutrition selling their own products directly to the customers, most of the time it can be pretty inconvenient.

Compared to protein powders, ready-to-drink (RTDs) options are more convenient and hassle-free. Hence, you’ll see myFITBOX offering these drinks on the go which are almost equivalent to protein powders.

It’s also why myFITBOX focuses on ready-to-eat (RTEs) options as well, all of which are packed with nutritions you could get from protein powders. 

myFITBOX also offers all these functional snacks to make it easier for customers to instantly purchase them through cashless vending machines, unlike other bigger brands where customers have to purchase them through retail stores which are pretty limited.

These cashless vending machines can be placed almost anywhere – shopping malls, gym, fitness studios and even schools!

Customers are also able to purchase these snacks directly from their website, all of which are ready-to-drink and ready-to-eat. 

A mix of their pre workout, intra workout and post workout products

Malaysians Love To Snack! 

You can’t deny this fact – if you’re a Malaysian, we’re always munching on something throughout the day and in between meals.

myFITBOX knows the importance of how the snacks taste like, which is why they test every single product by themselves and also through giving out free products as testers to various gym members while getting their honest feedback.

“With that feedback, we tweaked our product range and continued to source for the best-in-class functional foods from around the world,” they shared.

“We believe if a product tasted the same (or better) than what people would normally snack on but with higher protein/lower sugar, they can be convinced to make that switch and they have!”

Eating healthy doesn’t mean it won’t taste good – so be rest assured you’ll be able to find something that suits your taste buds in their entire product range! 

Their R&D Process

Don’t Know What To Get First? Here Are Their Bestsellers

1) Lean Body RTD Protein Shakes

Nutritional Facts: 40g protein, 0g sugar
Recommended Flavour: Café Mocha

2) Grenade Carb Killa Protein Bars

Nutritional Facts: 20g protein, ~2.0g sugar
Recommended Flavour: You’ll be sure to find one flavour that’ll be your go-to choice! 

The Future Of myFITBOX

Their advertisement on Bangsar’s largest LED billboard

They plan to expand their product line by including more plant-based options, so those who are part of the plant-based community should definitely keep an eye out for that!

Plus, they plan on bringing in even more products that many Malaysians love! “Our future plans would definitely be to bring in more products that people like.

For them, they might have a favourite protein bar that they tried while studying in the US but they can’t get it now.”

Aside from that, myFITBOX also plans to expand by hitting their target of 300 vending machines by the year 2023 including participating in various fitness or healthy food events. 

We also asked myFITBOX to share a few words with the community, and here’s what they have to say: 

“It’s been a tough time for everyone and we don’t know when it will end. We hope that our products and our social media posts can add some smiles to everyone’s faces. Every time we receive a reply from one of our fans with a smiley face, we smile too! 

We promise to continue working hard to give the best service and to bring in products that will make people happy. Last but not least, for everyone who believed in us when we were just a baby, you all mean the world to us so thank you.” 

Stay Updated With myFITBOX!

You could also enjoy our promo code ‘HAPPY10’ where you can get a discount upon checkout!

Website: https://www.myfitbox.co/
Instagram: @myfitbox.nutrition
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/myfitbox.nutrition/


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