Menstrual/Period Panties Malaysia: Are They Really Leak Proof?

Period Panties Malaysia

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Ah – the bloody encounter us women face every single month without fail (unless you’re pregnant of course). It can be a hassle trying to make sure you have enough pads or tampons every month. Thus, menstrual or period panties were created to help ease the experience! 

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What are menstrual or period panties? 

It’s basically just like your regular underwear except the layers are thicker to absorb the blood. The main benefits of menstrual or period panties is that they are reusable so you save more money in the long run instead of your usual pads, along with the fact that you don’t ever have to worry about leakages! 

If you’re looking for an eco-friendly option and convenient ways to tackle your monthly friend, menstrual or period panties may just be your best bet. Besides, all you have to do is wash them and then reuse them every single month – super convenient and easy.

Below are some of the period panties Malaysia you can consider investing in:

1. Libresse Reusable Period Panties 

Period Panties Malaysia


  • Made out of TriTech (3 layers) that enables breathability and moisture-wicking properties
  • Can last for up to 8 hours

The middle section of the period panties are slightly thicker than other types (based on a few customers), but rest assured it still feels comfortable and of course, prevents any leakage from happening as well as the sides. 

You can buy it from Shopee or Lazada

2. Summer & Peach Period Panties


  • Able to hold up to 10ml of liquid (up to 4 layers of protection)
  • Made with moisture-wicking cotton layer which is breathable and keeps you cool or dry
  • Contains antibacterial properties to prevent itchiness or bad odour

One customer mentioned how they wore it on the first day of the period and lasted for a good 8 hours without leakage. For that long, no bad odour could be smelt too. 

But do take note it depends on how heavy the flow is, as other customers said it would be best to use from Day 3 of your period instead as they experience slight leakage during their heavy flow days. 

It’s not too difficult to handwash either. Besides that, it is extremely comfortable so you can wear it during the day or to sleep. 

You can buy it from here.

3. UNIQLO AIRism Sanitary Shorts

Period Panties Malaysia


  • Able to hold up to 40ml of liquid (up to 3 layers of protection)
  • Made out of water-resistant fabric laminated with a water repellent film
  • Anti-sweat and odour resistant

Though the name includes ‘shorts’, it is actually considered as period panties so you can’t wear it on its own. 

Most reviews mentioned how comfortable it is to wear for long hours, even during heavy period days. The period panties felt dry all day long with no cases whereby it leaks. 

However, bear in mind some customers share how the sizes are not the same as your regular underwear. For instance, Size L was too tight on her even though her underwear is usually Size L. 

You can buy it at UNIQLO outlets in Fahrenheit88, 1 Utama Shopping Centre, and Mid Valley Megamall.


It’s safe to conclude that menstrual or period panties are really leak proof and can become your regular substitute for tampons, menstrual cups or sanitary pads. 


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