We All Scream For Guilt-free, Low Calories Ice Cream in Malaysia!

Low Calories Ice Cream in Malaysia

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Always there for you in celebrations, heartbreak or simply when you’re bored, ice cream will never disappoint. However, too much of a good thing may be bad for you too. The high concentration of sugar in ice cream is harmful to your health. Can our best friend truly be there for us through rain or shine and even while we are watching our health? Read on for guilt-free low calories ice cream in Malaysia for any season.

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1. Allsome

Using only natural healthy ingredients, Allsome promises to keep dessert-lovers happy with their premium handcrafted gelato! Gelato, a healthier version of ice-cream, usually contains lesser calories, sugar and fat, which is why their flavours are all low in calories! 

They feature botanical-inspired flavours infused with floral, tea, and spices, something which you can’t find anywhere else in Malaysia! If you don’t know what to get first, their Gelato Sandwich is their signature menu! From unique flavours such as white chrysanthemum to earl grey and lemongrass, you’ll be able to enjoy desserts without feeling guilty. You could also check out the exact nutritional values of their flavours on their website here

You can place your orders on their website, Instagram or WhatsApp and choose from their options: self pick-up or delivery. 

Where to buy: Allsome Official Website

2. 88 Keto

Whether you swear by Keto diet or are just looking for an alternative to your guilty pleasure, be sure to try 88 Keto’s ice cream. Made with the goodness of coconut as the base of their ice cream and with different flavours to choose from – you will taste a tropical holiday in your mouth. They have ice creams that contain dairy and also dairy-free options (lactose intolerant people rejoice!). Expect a gluten-free, low carb and sugar-free treat in a tub just for you.

Where to buy: 88 Keto website

3. Calli Malaysia

Get your hands on a tub of Calli’s ice cream for a delicious low calorie but high protein ice cream. A pint of ice cream only has 350 calories. Who needs to wait for cheat day when you can have it every day! They have a variety of flavours to choose from like the classic vanilla, strawberry and also unique flavours such as durian and matcha. For a limited time, they are also having seasonal flavours for their vegan options, mango and earl grey tea. If ever you need to be home for 14 days straight again grab yourself a pint of Calli’s to get you through the day.

Where to buy: Calli Website

4. Kind Kones

Always be kind in every situation and most importantly, to yourself. Therefore, do not deny yourself of the deliciousness of ice cream. Indulge in Kind Kone’s all-natural vegan ice cream for that sugar fix. Staying true to their motto, “taste the pleasures, not the guilt”, Kind Kones uses only products that can be found in your own kitchen. Their ice creams are dairy and egg free (yay to vegans), refined sugar free, soy and gluten free (less allergen here) and also, preservative and additives free. What better ice cream to have? With over 23 different flavours to choose from, you are surely spoilt for choice. 

Where to buy: Kind Kones Shopify

5. Wolf.Pints

These homemade and low calorie ice creams are definitely something to howl for. They are made to be enjoyed without getting scolded by the nagging voice in your head. Every pint is 475 ml of creamy goodness and sometimes with biteable bits. They use half sugar and half erythritol to achieve their sweetness. They also use low fat dairy ice cream base and no artificial colourings or flavourings. Furthermore, no eggs are used in the production of their ice cream. They offer over 9 flavours to choose from. From classic flavours such as chocolate and vanilla and new and improved flavours such as strawberry marshmallow puff and their latest offering, Thai milk tea with coconut shavings, there is a flavour for everyone. Awoo!

Where to buy: Wolf Pints Instagram

6. WheyChillin

First started in the land of cats, Kuching, Whey Chillin now has set up shop in Kuala Lumpur. Claiming to be the 1st healthy ice cream in Asia, WheyChillin’s ice creams are low in carbs and fat, high in protein and no sugar added. At their shop, you can opt to have their ice cream with waffle cones, multiple flavours and toppings. What better way to have ice cream other than by having a lot of ice cream at one time!

Their ice creams are made from Xylitol, skim milk and whey powder which helps them to earn their guilt-free points. Despite that, they don’t skim on their flavours. They have multiple flavours and even have unique ones such as pistachio, macchiato latte and 2 choices of matcha – light matcha and just matcha. Why shouldn’t you get ice cream when they are whey healthy?

Where to buy: WheyChillin Instagram


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