10 Local Malaysian Fruits To Add Into Your Diet For A Healthy Body

Malaysian Fruits

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Thanks to the year-round tropical climate where Malaysians enjoy the rainfall, sunlight – and the dozens of juicy, nourishing fruits. Our country is showered with fruits of all sizes, tastes, colours and benefits.

Every fruit has its secret potion for a hearty body, and, not only an apple but fruits all day, err day keep the doctor away. Preparing smoothies, overnight oats and salads with your favourite fruits are common ways of eating fruits to spice up your diet. 

Thus, The Happy Hormones dishes out the list of Malaysian fruits and the benefits for you to relish and #supportlokal – local fruits and businesses, of course!

1. Durian

Durians – you either love it or hate it! This thorny, custard-like creamy flesh fruit is known as the ‘King of Fruits’ because of its rich flavour and large size. Although durians get a bad reputation due to their pungent aroma, they are highly nutritious.

The tryptophan in durians may help you sleep better as they increase the melatonin level. Besides supporting your bone health, Vitamin C can minimize the appearance of hyperpigmentation and wrinkles! How odour-able!

*Don’t forget to drink lots of water from the shell

2. Mangosteen

Cheers to the fruit rich in powerful antioxidants, anti-inflammatory properties, fibre and Vitamin C! The cute greenish tiara on the purple shell and the cooling properties of mangosteen are probably why it is crowned as ‘The Queen of Fruits’.

Mangosteens go well after durians (+1 for the title). The sweet white pulp with seeds can be sour at times where they are sinfully juicy.

3. Rambutan

Don’t let the hairy exterior deceive you. Have a bite of the incredibly sweet, snowy white flesh – rambutans are a feast for your tastebuds (we kid you not!).

This low-calorie absoluteness is an addition to your binge-eating list, where it has an abundance of water and fibre to maintain a healthy weight. Furthermore, eat rambutans to kick the infections from your body.

4. Guava

Are you looking for a fruit that oozes more Vitamin C than oranges? Guava is the one! To your astonishment, guava leaves can soothe painful menstrual cramps and is proven to be effective than some painkillers. Ditch the painkillers, we say!

Apart from that, munch on the leaves to relieve toothache or apply the extract to inflamed acne skin.

5. Cempedak

Jackfruit’s ‘twin’ Cempedak isn’t everyone’s choice of fruit, but once they develop a taste for it, they’ll forever be enchanted. Fried cempedak goes well with a cuppa tea where Malaysians have it as a teatime snack, and many hawker stalls sell them too.

Moreover, the sweet aroma of a ripe cempedak can be smelled from a distance. Cempedak is packed with Vitamin A & C, which significantly improve eye and heart health. The Ibanians use the leaves to heal wounds and prevent infection as well.

6. Starfruit

This dainty star-shaped fruit comes in two shades, green(unripe) and yellow. The edible waxy skin is crunchy, whereas the juicy flesh could be sweet or sour depending on the ripeness.

One of the favours of starfruits is they ease the symptoms of skin conditions like dermatitis and psoriasis. You can also stay in your shape or shed some pounds with starfruits as they hike your metabolism rate, so the quicker you burn calories.

7. Papaya

Available throughout the year, papaya is a fruit that needs no introduction. Skincare addicts rave about the significance of papaya because, from face washes, scrubs, masks to creams, papaya has been a distinguished ingredient. 

If you’re wondering what the succulent flesh of papayas do, here you go

  • Moisturises dry skin
  • Exfoliates the skin naturally
  • Has cancer-fighting properties
  • Protects against heart disease (has a bounty of antioxidants)
  • Promotes a smooth bowel movement
  • Boosts the immune system

8. Watermelon

A slice of watermelon on the scorching hot day screams perfection. This refreshing charm is most Malaysian’s joy because watermelon is an all-around fruit that satisfies our nutrient needs.

The lycopene and beta-carotene in watermelon shield the skin against sunburn, treat eye disorders, while Vitamin A keeps the skin dewy without flaky. Renowned for its best hydrating properties, watermelon could be the next medicine to cure many ailments. 

9. Pineapple

Pineapples are the popular tropical fruits you can find in dishes like fried rice, burgers, gravies and chutneys. Spiky on the outside, sweet and a little tangy on the inside, the yellow flesh offers fascinating benefits

Incorporating pineapples in your diet when you catch a cold or cough and after an energetic workout with sore muscles rejuvenates you. Those who wish for acne-free, flawless skin (who doesn’t, right!), go and grab some pineapples.

Did you know that traditional medicines use pineapples? Yes, pineapples are soaked with Bromelain, a splendid enzyme. 

10. Banana

The kedai runcit, grocery store, night and morning markets aren’t complete without some cute bananas hanging with the colourful raffia strings which catch your eyes from far away. Bananas can strengthen your heart health with potassium, provide energy and aid your bowel movement. Bye constipation! Plus, bananas do hydrate, moisturise and nourish dry skin.


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