Kombucha Malaysia Brands You Need To Get Your Health In Check

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Kombucha Malaysia

Kombucha has been around for thousands of years but has recently been popular again. Perhaps it has to do with a certain Kavinsky choosing it over beer but it certainly is because of all its wonderful benefits. Kombucha is a fermented tea that has a sweet and sour taste. It is believed to have originated from China.

Kombucha is known to be good for digestion, boosting one’s immune system, may reduce heart disease risk and even may help with weight loss. While you can make your own kombucha, there is a danger that it can grow harmful bacteria or mold and cause serious health problems or even death. In the previous years, it was hard to find kombucha Malaysia brands making quality tea. Luckily, you can get kombucha ready made from our fellow kombucha Malaysia brands!

Recommended: Jboocha

Move over high calorie sodas, and say hello to ‘guilt-free’ healthy versions of sodas! Jboocha was born after the founder discovered it helped to cure her psoriasis and gave her a glowing complexion. Thereafter, she created Jboocha while having a vision to provide the world with a healthier (and yummy) alternative to sodas, also known as kombucha, by offering 3 flavours currently – original, ginger lemon and honey lavender.

Their kombucha are flavoured locally sourced from premium grade ingredients such as tualang honey and bentong ginger, only to provide you with the best flavours. Since they produce their kombucha in small batches, you’ll be receiving them fresh and nutrient-dense!

Wondering why they’re healthy? Jboocha stays away from any harmful preservatives, artificial flavours or fake fermenting agents – thus, they are not engineered or force-carbonated; totally natural and fresh!

Their bestseller would be Honey Lavender, if you’re wondering which to go for if it’s your first time buying from Jboocha. Not to mention how their customers have said Jboocha offers a fuller and heavier tasting of kombucha! You can buy their kombucha here.

Instagram: @jboocha_
Facebook: Jboocha

1. ChaCha Kombucha

Photo: ChaCha Kombucha Instagram

Everybody needs a little cha cha in their life – both the dance and ChaCha’s kombucha. Made from natural ingredients, its founders wanted to make healthy simple and convenient. They want us to enjoy a delicious fizzy drink but without all the sugar. Their kombucha come in multiple flavours such as ginger, raspberry, passionfruit and vanilla. They even have a kombucha that is a combination of apple, carrot, spinach, celery and cucumber which is a good option for those looking for a detox. ChaCha Kombucha is also halal certified so Muslim kombucha drinkers have nothing to worry about!

Website: ChaCha Kombucha
Instagram: @chacha.life
Facebook: ChaChaLifeKombucha

2. WonderBrew Kombucha

Photo: WonderBrew’s Instagram

WonderBrew’s co-founder was in wonder when he first tasted kombucha and decided to partner up with the maker of the kombucha he first tasted. WonderBrew’s kombuchas are made with locally sourced ingredients. They are also big on sustainability and support a circular economy. They compost their wastes, upcycle their SCOBY, minimise their plastic usage and even encourage their consumers to recycle by offering a free bottle with every 12 used bottles they return. Furthermore, their products are made in small batches to ensure that they are always fresh. WonderBrew’s kombucha is also halal certified so everyone can enjoy its wonders.

Website: WonderBrew.co
Instagram: @mywonderbrew

3. Belly Good Kombucha

Photo: Belly Good’s Instagram

Founded by two good friends who are crazy for yoga and healthy bowel movements, Belly Good’s kombucha tea Malaysia brand will make your belly thank you. They hope to nourish the minds, body and spirit of their consumers. Belly Good uses premium, quality tea and fair trade, organic evaporated cane juice for the production of their kombucha.They also brew their kombucha in small batches and have them made and bottled locally in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. Belly Good has 4 different flavours which are all a concoction of various ingredients. One bottle of Belly Good’s will be packed with tastiness and goodness.

Website: Belly Good Kombucha
Instagram: @mybellygood
Facebook: Belly Good Kombucha

4. Wild Kombucha

Photo: Wild Kombucha’s Facebook

These artisanal kombucha from Malaysia will make you go wild. Their kombucha is made with the perfect balance of fruit and floral taste. They are also made in small batches following the traditional way of brewing kombucha. The Wild Kombucha’s founder started his kombucha journey when he was desperate to cure his eczema. Once he finds that he feels healthier internally and externally, he has never looked back and wants to share his knowledge. Not only are Wild Kombucha committed to bringing goodness to our health, they also want to do their part for the environment. Due to that, they offer a rebate of RM1 for every used bottle returned to them upon the next purchase so less of them will end up on landfills!

Website: Wild Kombucha
Instagram: @wildkombucha.co
Facebook: wildkombucha.co

5. Zenboocha

Photo: Zenboocha’s Facebook

Truly holding on to beauty both on the inside and outside, Zenboocha offers 3 distinct flavours – Ginger Honey, Lychee Rose and Passion Potion in beautifully designed bottles. Being a kombucha Malaysia brand, they are passionate about making sure that the motherland is cared for too. They have an extensive sustainability programme. They make sure that right from their packaging, used tea leaves and fruit pulp are managed well. You can find out more about their sustainability initiatives here. Get a Zenboocha to treat yourself and the Earth well.

Website: Zenboocha
Instagram: @zenboocha
Facebook: Zenboocha

6. BoochPlease!

Brewed in small quantities with 6 flavours to choose from, be rest assured you’re only getting the best of this fermented drink from BoochPlease! If you’re wondering which flavour to choose, your ‘First Love’ might be their Strawberry Mint kombucha, also known as their bestseller. Prefer to have your own unique flavour? BoochPlease! also offers customized kombucha flavours – all you have to do is drop them a WhatsApp at 017-7138 418 to get a kombucha flavour tailored to your needs. What’s even better? Purchase any of their Kombucha, and when you return your bottles back to them, you’ll receive RM1 off for your next purchase! (Note: 1 bottle = RM1 rebate per bottle)

Website: BoochPlease!
Instagram: @boochpleasemy
Facebook: BoochPleasemy

Kombucha Tea Malaysia

More and more kombucha tea Malaysia brands are coming up with interesting, unique flavours. It’ll be a great alternative to your regular soda drinks, especially because it’s way healthier! 


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