Keto Diet Malaysia: Where You Can Find Keto-Friendly Food

Keto Diet Malaysia

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We can’t deny the fact when it comes to diet, one of the most well-known diets is the Keto Diet. Keto Diet or commonly known as Ketogenic Diet is practised by a large group of people to lose weight, improve acne and heart function, and for various purposes.

Do you know what is the diet all about or the foods that are included? Well, those who are on a keto diet consumes far fewer carbohydrates and replace them with a moderate to high intake of fat. The fat is burned for energy from food and body during the less absorption of carbs, resulting in your body to be in a metabolic state called ketosis.

Even before committing into something serious, we would be pondering about the benefits and drawbacks of it. As for Keto Diet, in addition to the benefits stated as above, this diet can potentially reduce seizures, may reduce some cancers and protect the brain. The drawbacks, on the other hand, are mostly short term as the body adjusts to the new source of energy. There also risks of developing kidney stones and mineral and vitamin deficiencies.

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However, many of them have noticed positive results after following this diet. If you are looking forward to observing the favour it does to your body, do read through the list below on places to get the best keto meals.

1. Larra Bakes

Thinking of ways to fix your sweet tooth? Don’t curb your cravings. Go for cakes! Keto Diet doesn’t mean that you got to eliminate desserts from your daily meals when you have Larra Bakes! 

Carrot cakes with fresh, premium Australian carrots and walnuts/pecans, homemade sugar- free lemon blueberry jam in Blueberry Cheesecake and a bunch of pies made of antibiotic and hormone-free chickens are in line for you to snack in whether you are stressed or delighted. Stressed spelt backwards is desserts anyhow, isn’t it?

Browse through their Instagram and you’ll be in awe on the plethora of keto baked goods and keep your eye in the cute, petite, baby cupcakes as well!


2. Keto Republic Malaysia

Changing your diet from your usual one that you have been following for years or months can be overwhelming especially if you are a newbie. No, we won’t let you go through that alone and here we introduce to you a keto meal prep company, Keto Republic Malaysia.

Nasi lemak and Malaysians are like sugar and salt – inseparable. Now, you can enjoy Malaysian delights with some minor switches such as the Caulirice Nasi Lemak, Tandoori with Keto Flat Bread, Asam Pedas and the Tomato Caulirice with Ayam Masak Merah and Jelatah. 

By just typing this out, I’m already fancying the Tandoori Chicken and salivating and hope you do too by reading and looking at the pictures.


3. Kind Desserts

Be kind to all, at the same time be kind to your body. As the name itself says, the desserts here are absolutely kind to your health. Fret not, they customise cakes according to your choice!

Want something dazzling to make the day of your loved ones but not an avid baker? Hit them with your ideas and witness the magic! Each of the crafted baked goods that are fresh from oven here is low in carb, sugar and gluten-free. 

What’s a birthday without cakes, right? In Kind Desserts, they have experimented multiple times to serve you the best keto birthday cakes where you can enjoy them and the other pastries guilt-free!

Since they are kind enough, they have shared a few keto meal recipes for you to look through!


4. Keto Sis Delicacies 

Hey, you! How about some burgers? If you have missed the Prosperity Burger from your local joint shop, look no further away from Keto Sis Delicacies. The patties and buns here are made from scratch to ensure only keto-friendly and healthy ingredients are used. 

Their luscious, crunchy frozen waffles can be served for all meals. Grab them right now!

Furthermore, they also have something sweet and simple which is the vibrant-coloured Keto 3D Jellies in-store. The best go-to dessert for a reunion party or mini family gatherings, however, they are only available on weekends and you should book earlier to avoid disappointment. 


5. 88 Keto

Are you emotionally attached to ice-creams? With coconut as their base, they offer a variety of flavours to choose from. Their ice creams are guilt-free and diabetic friendly. Like a cup of coffee, you can smell the fruity, floral and citrus undertones in every tub of their Coconut Affagato. 

Have you ever tasted the fluffy and light loaves of Keto Coconut Breads? If not, you are missing out some fun!



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To those who are reading this, we hope that we have made it better for you to have some options for keto diet Malaysia especially the meals. However, if you are interested to try out the keto diet, do consult your doctor or a dietitian before embarking your new journey(if possible) and get those meals/desserts delivered to your doorstep without hassle! Bon appetit!


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