IUD Malaysia: Everything You Need To Know

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As women, we have periods, and the most dreaded event (when we don’t want it to happen) – unwanted pregnancy. Now if you’re not ready to have babies or perhaps you don’t plan to for the rest of your life, you will want the best possible method to prevent pregnancy – and IUD is one of them! Have no clue what the hell is it about? Don’t worry, the team at Happy Hormones are here to help you! Read on to find out more about IUD Malaysia! 

IUD Malaysia: What is it? 

IUD (intrauterine device) is a small T-shaped device that is made out of plastic which is then inserted into your uterus to prevent pregnancy from occuring. 

How Does IUD Work

IUD Malaysia
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The device helps to stop the sperm from meeting the eggs and fertilising them by thickening the mucus in the cervix. When the mucus is too thick around the cervix, the sperm can’t move with ease. Thus, preventing the sperm from reaching the eggs. 

Aside from affecting the mucus in the cervix, the device also causes the uterus lining to be thinner, which makes it much more difficult for the egg that’s been fertilised to be implanted.

IUD also kills off sperm cells by secreting more white blood cells in the body, which naturally occurs when a foreign object is being inserted into our body. 

The success rate of IUD is about 99% when it comes to preventing pregnancy, making it a popular choice among women who don’t plan on getting pregnant. 

The Types of IUD Malaysia Available

IUD Malaysia
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In Malaysia, here are the two types of IUD available: 

Hormonal IUD Malaysia

A hormonal IUD is a small T-shaped plastic device that releases a hormone called progestogen into the uterus. This hormone is actually produced by the ovaries. 

Generally, hormonal IUD can last up to 6 years. 

Copper IUD Malaysia

A copper IUD is a small T-shaped copper and plastic device which releases a tiny amount of copper in the form of molecules into the uterus. Copper is known to be toxic for sperm, hence kills the sperm cells almost immediately. 

Generally, copper IUD can last up to 12 years. 

IUD Price Malaysia 

How much would the IUD price in Malaysia be? Well, for the price is different for each type: 

Hormonal IUD costs around RM800 to RM1,000 and can be done in any private clinic. To remove the hormonal IUD, it would be RM20. The brand of hormonal IUD that is the most popular is the Mirena. 

Copper IUD costs around RM80 to RM100 if you get it done at government clinics whereas private clinics cost around RM600. The brands of copper IUD that are popular would be Mona Lisa, Nova-T and Multiload. 

It is best to seek the price from the clinic that you intend to go to because the price varies. 

IUD Malaysia
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Pros of IUD 

You probably want to know what are the benefits of getting an IUD, right? There are quite a few benefits but below are the common ones that influence most ladies to get an IUD:

  • It is super convenient. There is no strict schedule to follow. You only get it inserted once, and you don’t have to worry about it anymore. 
  • Can be easily removed. If you ever want to get pregnant, you can get it removed with ease. 
  • Save more in the long run. You don’t have to keep purchasing every month because it can last you for many years. 
  • Safe for mothers who breastfeed. IUD doesn’t affect breast milk production at all. 

Cons of IUD 

Despite the amazing benefits of an IUD, you should also know, much like every other birth control method, IUD does have disadvantages as well. Below are the common ones:

  • Risks of getting infections. Unfortunately, IUD might cause pelvic infections after insertion. 
  • Doesn’t prevent STDs. Though IUD works really well to prevent pregnancy, it won’t be able to protect you against sexually transmitted infections (STDs). Hence why it’s recommended to use condoms despite having an IUD. 
  • Can only be done by a professional. You can’t just simply pick it up from a shelf and insert it on your own. It has to be inserted by a professional medical personnel. 

Common Questions Regarding IUD

1. Does it hurt when the device is being inserted? 

No, it doesn’t hurt. Most ladies don’t even feel a thing. However, some women tend to experience slight pain but it only lasts for a few minutes. 

2. How long does it take for IUD to be effective? 

Copper IUD works immediately upon insertion. Hence, if you want to prevent pregnancy almost immediately, you can get it inserted ASAP after unprotected sex. 

However, hormonal IUD only works immediately when it is being inserted while you’re on your period. If not, then it would take at least 7 days to be effective. 

3. Can I have sexual intercourse with an IUD inserted? 

Yes, of course you can. You don’t even have to wait. 

The Key Takeaway

Now that you know all about IUD, you can decide for yourself whether it’s the right birth control method for you. The best part about IUD is that if you suddenly decide to get pregnant after insertion, you can always get it removed without any trouble. 

Of course, provided your body is in a healthy condition! So be sure to get your body checked before deciding to get an IUD! 




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