Itchy Breasts: What Do They Mean And Is It Dangerous?

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You know what’s one of the first things in life to experience? When there’s an insane itch that occurs in the place where it’s not recommended to scratch in public – your boobs. 

In most cases, having itchy breasts is common and not life-threatening – so there’s absolutely NO reason to panic, ladies! 

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But if you’re curious to know why you’re experiencing itchy breasts and wish to avoid it from occurring altogether, read on to find out! 

What Causes Itchy Breasts Or Nipples? 

9 Reasons For Itchy Breasts — What Causes Itchy Breasts?
Source: womansday.com

1. You’re experiencing heat rash 

Do you always spend time exercising? Then you might be experiencing heat rash, especially in this humid weather. Heat rash can occur on any part of the body – your breasts are no exception. 

If you notice some light pink bumps or blisters with some light itching, it’s most probably heat rash which will subside after a while. 

2. You have eczema 

If you already have eczema, it could be why you have itchy breasts too because it can appear anywhere around your body. 

Or even if you never had eczema, it can occur randomly throughout our lives along with dryness of the skin.

You should consider getting your skin checked to find out whether it’s eczema.

3. Your bras aren’t washed enough 

How often do you wash your bras? Don’t worry gurl, we get you – sometimes we can’t be bothered to wash and re-use them instead (especially if it’s our favourite bras 😝)! 

You should probably be aware that it’s recommended to wash your bras (or clothes in general) often because of the bacteria that causes skin irritation or infections.

The general rule of thumb to washing your bras would be to wash it once every two weeks or after up to 3 wears. 

4. You generally have dry skin

Are you someone who has dry skin? Then one of the reasons as to why you’re experiencing itchy breasts is because dry skin tends to cause itchiness. 

Perhaps your recent skin products aren’t suitable for your skin so it irritates your skin and causes itchiness.

HELP! My Breasts Are ITCHY! (For the Nursing Mom)
Source: momtricks.com

5. You’re pregnant or gave birth recently

When you are pregnant, your breasts tend to grow, hence causing stretch marks which can make them itchy too. 

When you just gave birth and started breastfeeding your kid, it can cause your nipples to be dry and make it itchy.

6. Your breasts are growing 

Mhmm – if your boobs have been growing quickly in a short period of time, that could cause itchy breasts too! 

This happens during puberty or as you start gaining weight, thus causing your skin to stretch even further and cause itchiness.

7. You’re experiencing menopause 

Menopause causes a reduce in several women hormones such as progesterone and estrogen that makes your breast thinner, resulting to itchiness. 

8. You have sunburn 

Have you been spending most of your time at the beach or simply sunbathing at the swimming pool? Your breasts could be sunburned because they are quite sensitive when under sunlight. 

Usually when you have sunburn, then your skin may be peeling off, making it itchy.

Causes of itchy breasts that everyone should know about
Source: healthshots.com

9. You might have breast cancer 

Okay, don’t panic! Though itchy breasts aren’t the common breast cancer symptoms, it could be one of the reasons. 

However, although rare, breast cancer can surround the bottom of the breasts which causes inflammation. Your breast would turn swollen, red and itchy, which is also known as inflammatory breast cancer. 

When Should You See A Doctor?

Most of the time, it’s not something to worry about. But if you’re too worried, here are some signs that you should visit a doctor: 

  • Your breasts hurt or are swollen and tender 
  • There are rashes under or in between your breasts 
  • You experience itching that lasts for several weeks 

How To Treat Itchy Breasts 

If it’s not breast cancer, then you can easily reduce the itchiness with several ways such as: 

For dry skin: 

  • Keep your skin moisturised and hydrated 
  • Try to use sunscreen 
  • Avoid scented skin products 

For itchiness or allergic reactions: 

  • Ointments such as pramoxine or hydrocortisone works well 
  • Antihistamines are also a good choice which can be taken via cream or ointment and orally



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