HIV Test Malaysia: 5 Things You Need To Know About HIV & Where To Get The Testing Kits

HIV Test Malaysia

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HIV – a word that still evokes fear among us as nobody wishes to catch this life-threatening virus. HIV (human immunodeficiency virus) is a virus that attacks and weakens the immune system, making people prone to other infections. 

To date, there is no cure for HIV. However, with proper treatment and medication as well as making use of HIV test Malaysia for regular testing purposes, one can control HIV and prevent AIDS, the last stage of HIV due to severe damage to the immune system. 

In 2019, Malaysia reported having around 77,000 people living with HIV, with 3564 newly infected people. Whether you are infected with HIV or not, it is crucial to be mindful of HIV for well-being. 

So, The Happy Hormones is here to splash some facts about HIV that you should know. 

HIV Facts

hiv test malaysia
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1. HIV is no longer a death sentence

`The keys to managing the virus are early diagnosis and proper therapy. Almost four decades ago, living with HIV was a death sentence, though the current advancement of treatment makes them live close to a usual life span

People diagnosed with HIV mostly take a combination of three medications, known as Antiretroviral Therapy (ART), where one pill is sufficient for some. The pills certainly do not cure HIV, but they 

  • strengthen the immune system to combat infection
  • prevent transmission
  • keeps the growth of the virus in control.  

2. HIV doesn’t discriminate – anyone can get infected

Ditch the stigma that you cannot get infected by HIV unless you are from a particular demographic or ethnicity. No matter your sexual orientation, nationality and profession, you are at high risk if you

  • are hooked on unprotected sexual activities (have had multiple sex partners and shared sex toys with someone infected with HIV, etc.) 
  • have swapped syringes and needles.

3. Condoms should be your best friend

Using the appropriate condoms whenever you have sex is one of the most practical ways to hinder yourself against HIV. According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, anal sex is the riskiest type of sex compared to vaginal sex when getting and transmitting HIV. Therefore, to minimise the exposure, safe sex it is!

4. PrEP Can Help You Avoid HIV

Pre-exposure prophylaxis (PrEP) is the medicine that people at high risk for HIV consume to either prevent infection or stop the spread of the virus. In contrast to the belief that PrEP isn’t effective, if taken as prescribed by the doctors, they can reduce the risk by 99% used together with condoms. 

5. Get TESTED!

hiv test malaysia
Source: womenshealthmag.com

Did you know that despite the common symptoms of HIV like swollen lymph nodes, sore throat, rash, mouth ulcers and more, some people don’t show any signs at all?

Thus, if you have ever had sex, go and get tested as a part of your routine health check-up because it’s better late than never – going for screenings in the only clear cut to know your status!

Are you up for a test but unsure where to get those reliable HIV test Malaysia? Worry not, as we have done the job for you!

3 Places To Get HIV Test Malaysia

1. MyScreening

hiv test malaysia

Don’t fancy going out during this pandemic? Get the HIV Rapid Test Kits delivered to your footstep within a click. Just spend 16 minutes for the contentment of yours and your loved ones.

MyScreening offers STD Screening in three options, standard, premium and platinum, where the tests will be conducted at the comfort of your place.

2. CHC Clinic (a community-based clinic)

hiv test malaysia

The community-friendly doctors here welcome you with all hearts to provide the best treatments for every aspect of health, including sexual. You can dash your questions regarding sexual and mental health confidently as they have a grip on your privacy too!

Moreover, give a shot on the risk assessment(quiz) to signify your risk of contracting HIV hinging on your current sexual practice. 

Besides STD & HIV Testing, CHCC has professional counsellors to listen and ease your sorrows because every story matters, and you deserve happiness.

3. JOM Test

hiv test malaysia

JOM Test program holds many ardent researchers as this is the first HIV Self-Testing (HIVST) study conducted in Malaysia. Furthermore, the JOM Test program has got everyone vulnerable to HIV covered with their testing kits.

INSTI and OraQuick® are the kits available here, where they advise that it is wise to confirm the reactive tests with a traditional laboratory blood test. Feel free to visit their website on how to do so!



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