Healthy Snacks Malaysia: 9 Snack Alternatives Other Than Your Usual Chocolate Bars

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Healthy Snacks Malaysia

We all get the munchies sometimes. Keeping yourself healthy and fit should not feel like torture – like you are depriving yourself of all the good things in life. You don’t have to give up on snacks. You just have to be a little bit more creative. Yes, they are healthy snacks Malaysia! Read on for mouthwatering alternatives to unhealthy snacks.

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1. Amazin’ Graze

Healthy Snacks Malaysia
Image source: Amazin’ graze’s website

Their snacks are so good and so healthy that you would definitely feel like singing Amazing Grace as your faith renewed on healthy snacks! From granolas, nuts, oat-based meal that is their Goodness Bowl and brownie chips, what’s there not to like!

Where to buy: amazin’graze

2. Ento

Healthy Snacks Malaysia
Image source: Ento’s website

For the daring and brave and for the ones looking for unconventional snacks, then ento is the one for you. Pack up on protein with their crickets and larvae snacks! Choose from various flavours or have them mixed with nuts to enjoy them. Ento also offers delicious baked goods such as their high protein banana bread, cranberry oatmeal cookies, coconut hummingbird cake and more!

Where to buy: ento   

3. Heal Nutrition

Healthy Snacks Malaysia
Image source: Heal’s website

One of the rules of your healthy diet is to cut sugary drinks. Now, you can enjoy a beverage other than plain water with Heal. Offering both dairy and vegan series, Heal has a number of flavours to choose from such as Coffee, Coconut Shake, Vanilla Almond and so much more. Using only real ingredients, you can taste the same goodness while getting 16g – 20g of protein your body needs.

Where to buy: Heal Nutrition

4. Kintry

Healthy Snacks Malaysia
Image source: Kintry’s website

If you are craving for snacks with flavours that are close to home, give Kintry a try. Have your tea with their Chocolate Chip Oat Cookies. Start your day with their Pandan Gula Melaka Granola or even their Salted Butter Caramel Granola. Then, watch tv with your family with their Salted Egg Yolk Potato Crisps. Truly healthy snacks that are suitable for any time of the day.

Where to buy: Kintry

5. Osuda

Healthy Snacks Malaysia
Image source: Osuda’s website

Believing that health is the best gift, Osuda makes healthy snacks that are not only tasty but will capture the hearts of people. Determined to oppose the idea that healthy snacks are boring, Osuda offers spreads with people’s favourites such as Dark Chocolate Peanut Butter and Matcha White Chocolate Peanut Butter. They also offer freeze dried fruit chips such as from banana, jackfruit, dragonfruit and mango. You can now add this to your list of favourite things!

Where to buy: Osuda

6. Shia’s Granola

Healthy Snacks Malaysia
Image source: Shia Granola’s Facebook Page

For some homemade goodness, grab a packet of Shia’s Granola or granola bar. They use no palm oil, shortening or animal fats in their products. Artificial flavouring or preservatives are also banned from the list of ingredients. Their granola also has a low glycemic index to provide you with longer energy throughout the day. Enjoy a tasty treat that contains less oil and sugar.

Where to buy: Shia’s Granola

7. Profeat

Healthy Snacks Malaysia
Image source: Profeat’s website

Cookie Monsters rejoice and get your healthy snacks Malaysia! You don’t have to give up your favourite snack, cookies when you get Profeat cookies. Packed with high protein and using healthy ingredients, this should definitely be your go-to cookies now. Developed with ‘healthy yet flavourful’ concept in mind, Profeat cookies are just that with their different flavours and no sugar added.

Where to buy: Profeat

8. KapowBalls

Healthy Snacks Malaysia
Image source: Kapow Ball’s website

Bite-sized and not to mention super cute, KapowBalls’ healthy balls are a perfect substitute dessert for a guilt-free session. Their balls are made from all-natural ingredients, low in calories, gluten-free and also macro-friendly. What more can you ask for? Pop one or 5 and still feel good after as each pop is less than 85 calories.

Where to buy: Kapow Balls

9. Nawals Kitchen

Healthy Snacks Malaysia
Image source: Nawal’s Kitchen Facebook Page

Using all-natural ingredients, no added sugar and gluten free, Nawals Kitchen’s snacks is a strong contender in the healthy snacks Malaysia list. Grab their Peanut Butter Cashew granola which is made from their homemade peanut butter and let it crumble in your mouth. Not only that, it is perfect for endurance athletes! Choose from a range of granola bars, granola mix or get their banana bread for your guilt-free indulgence.

Where to buy: Nawal’s Kitchen Instagram

Make way on your pantry for these delicious, healthy snacks Malaysia and you’ll be on your way to achieving a healthy lifestyle!



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