Healthy Malaysian Food: 10 Local Favourites That Are Guilt-Free

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We Malaysians love to feed – there’s no denying that! But while Malaysian food is widely known to be unhealthy, you could still live a healthy life if you make the right choices. It’s no secret how we have a wide variety of food, and that includes healthy Malaysian food too!

The team at Happy Hormones rounded up the top 10 healthy Malaysian food so the next time you’re on diet or trying to eat healthier, you’ll know what to order!

Healthy Malaysian Food

1. Thosai

healthy malaysian food
Source: magazine.foodpanda.my

Made with lentils and ground rice, Thosai, consisting of fewer than 150 calories, serves as Malaysian’s most loved breakfast meal. The reason why it’s healthy is due to the fact that there’s less oil used and packed with protein (thanks to the lentils).

Eat it with dhal or try other versions of thosai (such as adding egg or cheese) to get a wholesome, protein-packed meal!

2. Nasi Kerabu (Kelantan Herb Rice Salad)

healthy malaysian food
Source: eatdrinkkl.blogspot.com

The all-too-famous rice with blue hues, another healthy Malaysian food would be none other than nasi kerabu. Loaded with herbs, vegetables and often paired with a boiled egg, grilled or steamed fish, it contains a higher nutritional value overall compared to nasi lemak. A rough estimate of nasi kerabu paired with ayam goreng would be around 380 calories.

3. Chapati

healthy malaysian food
Source: tasteofhome.com

Another similar Indian flatbread just like Thosai that is cooked with less oil, Chapati is made from water and wheat flour. Though Chapati consists of slightly more calories than Thosai, which is around 200 calories, it’s still a healthier meal to go with your dhal.

4. Nasi Ulam (Malay Fresh Herb Rice Salad)

healthy malaysian food
Source: malaymail.com

Also commonly known as a rice salad, nasi ulam is similar to nasi kerabu, except it doesn’t come with blue-coloured rice – instead, it’s made with turmeric rice. Consisting of roughly 310 calories, you’ll find a wide mixture of herbs such as basil, mint, lemongrass and shredded coconut infused in the rice.

5. Chicken Rice

healthy malaysian food
Source: sendhelper.com

You’re not Malaysian if you don’t eat chicken rice! A little tip, try to opt for steamed chicken instead of roasted as it is healthier that way. Besides, you could also order extra chicken to fulfil your daily protein intake or vegetables on the side for a complete meal. Be sure not to add in extra soya sauce too to prevent extra sodium!

6. Tandoori Chicken

healthy malaysian food
Source: grab.com

Ditch the usual fried chicken and order the grilled tandoori chicken at your nearest mamak or Indian restaurant! Tandoori chicken is cooked with rich, savoury spices and healthy ingredients to satisfy your taste buds. Compared to fried chicken, it’s cooked with lesser oil so it’ll have lesser fat content too.

7. Fresh Popiah

healthy malaysian food
Source: asianinspirations.com.au

Another vegetable dish that makes the perfect breakfast or snack during the day! Fresh popiah (not fried popiah) comes with nutritious ingredients such as vegetables, egg, prawns, peanuts, to name a few.

8. Assam Laksa

healthy malaysian food
Source: rojakdaily.com

Assam Laksa is one of the healthy Malaysian food, provided the broth has an ample amount of fish in it! So if the seller is kind enough, you could opt for extra fish to get a protein-packed meal. This healthy Malaysian food consisting of a rough estimate of 432 calories also comes with thin slices of cucumbers, so you’ll get your daily vegetable intake in too.

9. Dhaal

healthy malaysian food
Source: tasteasianfood.com

Dhaal is mainly made with lentils, which are known to be rich in fibre, protein and iron while being low in calories too. Most people pair it with rice, thosai and chapati.

10. Idli

healthy malaysian food
Source: omnaroma.com

Idli, made with rice and fermented black lentils, These steamed rice cakes can be found in most Indian restaurants. It doesn’t contain any fats as well because it’s steamed. Instead, it’s packed with fibre, protein and carbohydrates – everything you need for a healthy meal.


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