5 Healthy Food Delivery in KL To Help You Sustain Your Healthy Lifestyle

Healthy Food Delivery in KL

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The dining experience has greatly changed since the pandemic. A lot of us now opt to cook at home or to have our food delivered to us. One of the biggest concerns about eating outside is that we can’t control the ingredients that are being put into and the amount of it – giving takeouts a bad name in terms of their nutritional value. However, as it is with any problem, some individuals realised this and came up with solutions – setting up healthy food delivery. If you are in KL, read on for healthy food delivery services you can order from for your next meal!

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1. The Naked Lunchbox

Healthy Food Delivery in KL
Image source: The Naked Lunchbox Website

Get chef-crafted healthy meals made with good and natural ingredients delivered to you. The Naked Lunchbox promises to deliver you food that has no artificial preservatives and food additives, no refined sugar and artificial sweeteners and no MSG. You can subscribe to have their meals delivered to you for a 5-meal package. There are also family or group options. You can choose between vegetarian or protein options. They also offer ala carte options and there’s a wide array of food you can choose from such as pies, soba, pasta, fish, sandwich, chicken, superfood nourish bowls and more.

Get yours here: http://www.thenakedlunchbox.co/


Healthy Food Delivery in KL
Image source: Epic Hall Website

Pledging to deliver honest, real food, EPIC wants to help you to fuel your day. They refuse to let you give up your food due to them not being healthy. Therefore, EPIC offers your favourite food such as burgers, Grilled & Oven-baked ‘Fried’ Chicken, pizzas, nasi lemak and burritos but making sure they are made from fresh and natural ingredients. They also make their own sauces and chicken stock to have more control over what goes into your food. EPIC also make sure to cook everything to order and delivering on-demand so you will enjoy a freshly cooked meal. If the delivery is 45 minutes late, you are entitled to a free pizza! You now know how committed they are to delivering you a healthy meal!

Get yours here: https://epics.com.my/

3. DietMonsta

Healthy Food Delivery in KL
Image source: DietMonsta Website

For the health buffs out there, here’s another healthy food delivery in KL specifically for you. 80% of fitness is in your diet and DietMonsta understands that. That is why, they have curated meals that are high protein, nutritionally balanced and low in calories. These meals are crafted to build muscle, shed fat, aid you in achieving your fitness goals and keep you looking and feeling great! You can even pick meals that will help you focused on your health goals such as meals that focus on building muscles or meals that will help you lose weight. Choose to have your meals delivered regularly based on their subscription plan or order daily, it is up to you and your area of focus!

Get yours here: https://dietmonsta.oddle.me/en_MY

4. GOClean

Let your next meal be made by a group of talented individuals that consist of a certified nutritionist, personal trainer and award-winning chef. At GOClean, you will get just that and meals made from the freshest ingredients. Choose from different offerings daily that range from Asian, Western and fusion cooking. They make sure that their meals provide you with good fat, complex carbs that will help give you more energy and a longer feeling of fullness and a quality source of protein. An average meal contains 400 ~ 500kcal When choosing your meal, you can choose either a healthy meal or low carbs meal – depending on your fitness goals. Get one meal delivered daily or 2 meals – the choice is yours!

Get yours here: https://www.goclean.nutrient.my/

5. Meraki Kitchen

If you are the type of person who is not a fan of having the same thing all the time, plan your weekly meals with Meraki Kitchen. They release their menu weekly on Sundays. Every day, they will have a different meal available to order. You can choose to order any day of the week according to your favourite selection or have your meal from Monday to Saturday from them and look forward to the day to enjoy it! Every meal has about 538 calories. The dips that go with their meals are so delicious and popular, they now even sell them separately. Meraki is Greek for doing something with heart and soul; Meraki Kitchen’s food will definitely bring wonders to your heart and soul.

Get yours here: https://www.instagram.com/meraki_kitchen/?hl=en


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