Granola Malaysia: Healthier Alternatives For Your Regular Snacking Sessions

Granola Malaysia

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2020 is almost ending, are we still munching on the snacks that aren’t really healthy when we should be giving importance to our health? Let’s ditch them and make a way for a better well-being! It’s not as hard as you think as there are many alternatives and granolas are the best substitute for your regular snacking sessions.

Either we are hungry after a meal or we feel tired during our work/study period, our legs would start walking to the pantry and within seconds we would have grabbed something to eat. Thus, we need to choose snacks that contain nutrients so that we can fill our tummy while ensuring our strength.

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The next time you think about snacking, it should be GRANOLAS!

Granolas are usually eaten for breakfast and as snacks where they contain nuts, rolled oats, cashews, berries, honey, raisins, seeds (sunflower and pumpkin) and chia. Commonly, to obtain the crispness, granolas are baked till they turn golden brown.

They are rich in fibre and protein, which eventually make us full as more time is consumed for digestion. Some of the ingredients that are high in protein include the variety of nuts (walnuts) and seeds (sesame, pumpkin). Besides, they may reduce cholesterol and prevent anaemia.

Here are the top 5 places where you can get affordable and crunchy Granola Malaysia:

1. Naked Superfood Co

granola malaysia

Started off in their mother’s kitchen at the heart of Kuala Lumpur, now it is available throughout the country due to the immense demand. With the hashtag #ReThinkTheOats, their exquisite granola is made from simple ingredients, as the Australian Oats add a rich and golden touch to it. 

What’s more exciting is, they are on Shopee too! Everyone can get it just within a click, obviously with an affordable price as well!

There are four different flavours where you can choose from Original, Caramel, Gula Melaka, Chocolate Hazelnut

The main ingredients in all these flavours are Oats, Sunflower Seeds, Almond and Himalayan Pink Salt.  

Additional ingredients (depend on the flavours) – Chia Seed, Honey, Black Raisins, Cranberry, Hazelnut, Caramel, Fresh Pandan Leaves, Longan, Coconut 

Instagram: @nakedsuperfoodco

You can purchase them from Shopee.

2. Thirtythree Bites

granola malaysia

Did you change your mind at the very last minute on getting the ideal snack? Thirtythree Bites are your saviour as they accept urgent orders! Located at the heart of Kuala Lumpur, it is founded by two teenagers who are extremely passionate about cooking and baking. They specialise in making Caramel Almond Granolas where the price starts from Rm 3 for 30 gram! Isn’t that affordable?

Besides, every bite of the granolas are enriched with USA Almonds, homemade salted caramel, premium Australian rolled oats and a dash of Pink Himalayan Rock Salt as the topping nutrition to get you through the day.

Get yours right now as you have the chance to meet the aspiring owners! They do personally deliver the baked goods or you can self-pickup as well. The choice is yours!

Instagram: @thirtythreebites

3. Rise & Grain  

granola malaysia
granola malaysia

Reaching out to those who are dairy and gluten intolerant! This is your ultimate one-stop for a mouthful of joy!

Two beautiful sisters with a mutual strong passion for healthy food are together in this to encourage more Malaysians to practice mindful eating habits. Deviyah & Charroo, the co-founders of Rise and Grain foods, who once had to manage a severe gluten allergy for most of their adult lives, decided to go for a healthier approach.

There are a handful of antioxidants, fibre, proteins and nutrition in each packet of the homemade, scrumptious granolas. Place your orders now and do check out some recipes (yes, free recipes exclusively for you) right now before it’s too late!

Website: https://www.riseandgrain.com/
Instagram: @riseandgrainfoods

4. Granolads

granola malaysia
granola malaysia

Next on the list is Granolads. Having more than 4 varieties of granolas, one jar can typically last from about 4-5 days as long as they are kept chilled in the fridge. Loaded with nuts, low-fat yogurt, and fresh fruits, they can be served for breakfast or post-workout sessions.

With the delivery charge as low as Rm 3, we are sure that you do not want to miss this absolute deal!

Website: https://granolads.com/
Instagram: @_granolads_

5. Shia’s Granola

granola malaysia

As the saying goes ‘Saving the best for the last’, you might have already guessed that there’s something special by now. 

Voted as Malaysia’s Top 10 Healthy Snack, being featured in local newspapers, Shia’s Granola has a masterpiece product. Wondering what is it? It’s the granola bars. 

*yeayyy, no more repackaging the granolas into smaller containers to fit in our bags*

Browse through their pages, and you’ll be lost for choices! The fact that they owned a Granola Cafe previously makes this shop extraordinary. In fact, besides the granolas, people’s favourite is smoothie bowls and homemade almond milk too!

The granolas can be made as toppings for the juicy, fresh smoothie bowls as they are consist of tropical fruits (mangoes, dragon fruits, pineapples), bananas and berries ( strawberries, blueberries). A bowl of happiness, literally!

Head right on, to the pages below, to make your very first order and we bet, you won’t regret!

Website: http://www.shiasgranola.com/
Instagram: @shiasgranola
Facebook: @shiasgranola  

If you are looking forward to getting granolas, these are the shops with the best, finest and homemade ingredients to ensure your health. Fast and fancy doesn’t mean that it’s unhealthy, and let’s break the common misconception. Together we eat healthily, and stay healthy!


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