Where You Can Get Juicy Chicken Breast Delivery Malaysia

Chicken Breast Delivery Malaysia

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How do you like your chicken breasts to be served? Baked? Steamed? Or even Grilled? Anyhow have you wondered why those who are actively involved in fitness routines consume chicken breast the most? Chicken breasts are one of the good protein sources, where, as you are aware, the intake of protein in the right proportion maintains the muscle mass and promotes muscle growth. 

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Generally, chickens are rich in calcium, zinc, iron and vitamins (Vitamin B & D). Compared to red meats, chicken breasts are low in fat, they can reduce the risk of heart disease and strokes. In fact, the way the poultry is prepared also makes a huge difference. If you prefer yours to be baked, grilled or roasted, then you are on the right path towards your goal!

An 85 gram skinless, chicken breast provides about 140 calories, where 3 grams of total fat and just 1 gram of saturated fat.

If you are keen to get them or stock up some in your refrigerator, without having to travel anywhere, here are the places where you can get juicy chicken breast delivery in Malaysia. 

1. Haramama Fitness Food

Chicken Breast Delivery Malaysia

Do you want to go ooo-la-la in your first bite of the chicken itself? Get that feeling when you purchase their signature chicken breast from Haramama. 

The term ‘tear and eat’ usually applies for snacks and buns where once we bought them, the next minute they are travelling down to our stomach but little did you know that Haramama has the capability as well?

Providing all the convenience that you need, Haramama’s chicken breasts are shelf-stable where the package will last for about 6 months and all you gotta do is to store them in a cool, dry place. No, refrigeration is not required!

Don’t worry if you have lots on your plate, just grab some of their packages, and you can gobble up them while you are travelling back home from work or while you are getting things done. Just tear and eat, it’s as simple as that, by the way, do not forget to add your favourite starchy and fibrous carbs to complete the meal! 

Currently available in 3 enticing essences, do order yours now and get them delivered to you with the standard delivery of RM 10 or free delivery with the purchase of more than 15 packs.

Calories (depends on the flavours): Black Pepper Chicken 100g (126kcal) each 

Price: only RM 9.90 each

Instagram: @haramama_fitnessfood

2. ChickenBrothers

Chicken Breast Delivery Malaysia

Being a recently established shop, Chicken Brothers has stepped up their game by introducing six new flavours for buyers to choose. Packed with proteins, to provide you with all the fuel you need in a day, head to their shop to make your first purchase of chicken breasts!

Instagram: @chickenbrothers101

3. Fitnessfoodmy

Chicken Breast Delivery Malaysia

Don’t like the vegetable in your meal that you bought? No options to substitute them? 

Being available only in Kuala Lumpur and Petaling Jaya, as luck would have it you can customise your own meal plan. Surely for those night hustlers, who are planning to eat clean but can’t find much time to prepare your meal, leave your worries to Fitnessfoodmy as they are willing to customise your dinner every day. 

Less hassle, fewer calories! Enjoy the Roasted Chicken Breast and Brown Rice Set, by leaving an order through their Whatsapp. As the saying goes ‘Happiness is only real when shared’, why not share your spoonful of joy when you taste this scrumptious, tender and healthy chicken breast?

Instagram : @fitnessfoodmy

4. Fuel Foods.my 

Chicken Breast Delivery Malaysia

No matter what, the freshness of the food is a contributing factor when it comes to choosing a meal. Obviously, we do not want to end up eating a rotten tomato or chicken. The zesty and healthy meals are made fresh daily by Fuel Foods.my. 

The masala chicken, indulged with the aromatic, earthy spices from the land of Sri Lanka, will leave you delighted in its very first bite and you will be placing the next order already! 

Each chicken breast served here contains approximately around 150 -180 kcal.

Instagram: @fuelfoodz.my

5. Tear N Eat

Chicken Breast Delivery Malaysia

Completing the list by introducing an additional, healthy, ready-to-eat product. Tear N Eat is an indigenous brand in Malaysia, with an ultimate aim to make bodybuilding and fitness lifestyle more sustainable and maintainable by everyone

If you can’t decide if you feel like munching on something sweet or spicy, reach out to Tear n Eat as they have all the seasoning that you need to satisfy your cravings with as low as 100 calories!

Tear N Eat’s Signature Flavour!

  • Oriental Ma La flavour Chicken Breast

Whether it’s a ‘Netflix & Chill’ night or the most enmity ‘Assignments & No Sleep’ night, this package is your companion to fulfil the daily intake of protein while you get things sorted out and done.

Don’t waste your time, slide into their Whatsapp, to enjoy the delicious cooked, fat-trimmed & vacuum-sealed chicken breasts!

Instagram: @tearneat.my

6. HeavenEat


Ready to eat in only 90 seconds, their chicken breasts will never disappoint you. The sensational chicken breasts are prepared in different varieties and the ‘Heaven Eat Signature Chicken Breast’ is their bestseller.

If you are craving for some rendang, with the tropical aromatics of the coconut, chiles, and spice, why not give a try?

Heaven Eat’s Chicken Breast Flavours:

  • Classic (142 calories)
  • Pesto (205 calories)
  • Spicy Mala (203 calories)
  • Hot Paprika (148 calories)

Website : https://www.heaveneat.com/

Instagram : @heaveneat_my

In accordance with the current scenario, we do not relish the idea of even stepping out of the house for unnecessary reasons as the number of cases is spiking high and we should play our part to curb them. All the more reason for you to consider the wide variety of chicken breast delivery in Malaysia! Therefore, select your personal favourite luscious chicken breasts and wait for the doorbell to be rung!


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