Cauliflower Rice Malaysia: Places Where You Can Buy Cauliflower Rice Meals & Frozen Cauliflower Rice

Cauliflower Rice Malaysia

Cauliflower Rice Malaysia
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If you are looking for an alternative to your regular white and brown rice, then cauliflower rice is what you should be considering. By now, you might be wondering how raw cauliflower could taste anywhere near as the delicious, fluffy, steamed rice? 

Trust me when we say cauliflower rice does wonders as it all depends on how it is served. Cauliflower rice is rich in antioxidants like Vitamin A and Vitamin C which could potentially diminish the risk of cancer. Besides, one who wishes to have smooth and effective digestion, cauliflower rice is their saviour as it is a source of dietary fibre. 

Not only nutritious and has fewer calories than the usual white rice, but cauliflower rice also is extremely easy (yes, easy peasy) to prepare and can be eaten raw or cooked. 

As more people are prioritising their health, and have started the healthy eating approach, many local businesses have jumped in the race to assist them in producing nutritious food including cauliflower rice meal. Some supermarkets do have frozen cauliflower rice products too. 

Do go through the list below to grab the best cauliflower rice meal in Malaysia.

Cauliflower Rice Meal

1. Cauli & Rice

Starting from only 90 calories, Cauli & Rice brings to you cauliflower fried rice with the absolute flavours Malaysians love. How can we forget about those side dishes when we opt for a meal? 

You can select pieces of glorious fried chicken or colourful pickled vegetables when you make an order. We can see that Cauli & Rice understands their customers and put themselves in their shoes well when they have a 5-day meal plan with no added preservatives. 

Put your worries aside, if you have trouble finding time to prepare your dinner or lunch, sign up to their plan and the meal will be delivered to your doorstep or even workplace. 

When we talk about the signature Malaysian seasoning, the checklist would never be complete without Tomyam, Belacan and even Lemongrass (I can already taste the sour, spicy and aromatic soup Tomyam soup while just writing). If you crave for the authentic Malaysian taste, get it satisfied while eating healthy with Cauli & Rice. 

Website: https://www.cauliandrice.com/en_MY

Instagram: @cauliandrice

Facebook: @cauliandrice

2. Cauli Healthy Food

cauliflower rice malaysia

A Kuala Lumpur based healthy meal business, Cauli Healthy Food spoils you with the ambitious selections of meals. All meals that are prepared can be stored up to 2 months in the freezer and you just have to preheat them before consuming.

Making it convenient for those who are busy chasing after their schedules and those who wish to go on a diet, Cauli Healthy Food has meal plans exclusively for you. 

Every package is sealed with a generous quantity of dishes and as we have mentioned before, even the cauliflower rice is in many flavours such as Ayam Kunyit Fried CauliRice, Tom Yam Fried CauliRice, CauliRice with Ayam Bakar and many more. 


3. Kubis & Kale

No, it isn’t all about greenies! When we come across the name ‘Kubis & Kale’, the first thought that flashes across our minds might be ‘Ahh, it has got to do with green leafy veggies’ as ‘kubis’ is cabbage and ‘kale’ is a green, crisp and hearty vegetable.

At Kubis & Kale, the team has been working hard to break the stigma that has been going around for years and years that healthy food is generally dull and boring. Besides, preparing simple, seasonal and wholesome food, they also collaborate with a professional dietitian and agriculture experts who pioneered the Carbon Vegetation to provide you with the exemplary food bowls, fulfilling all the essential nutrients that your body needs.  

Therefore, you can opt for their SuperFood bowl, where cauliflower rice is the base and there are plenty of sauces, sides, toppings, proteins, as well as add-ons to complete the substantial nutritious, signature bowl. 

If you have cooked side dishes or would like to have it as a snack while you catch up the third episode of your favourite series, grab their Cauliflower Rice, which is made of organic cauliflower, kale stems, garlic, onion and olive oil.

Do not forget to pay a visit to their restaurant which is located at Sunway!

Website: https://www.kubisandkale.my/

Instagram: @kubis_kale

Facebook: @kubisandkale

4. Le Food

cauliflower rice malaysia

How about a bowl of Mushroom Fried Cauliflower Rice? Those who are looking for a low-carb and a balanced meal concurrently, Le Food is here to satisfy all your needs. Le Food is a pure plant-based and vegan restaurant situated at Subang Jaya that is currently a home for many renowned restaurants and exceptional cafes. 

Le Food offers a variety of selections from Nyonya Laksa of Malaysia to rice bowls of Taiwan. Promising meatless, natural meals with affordable and reasonable prices, Le Food do offer catering services for your special occasions. 

Website: https://lefood.oddle.me/en_MY

Instagram: @lefoodmy

Facebook: @lefoodmy

To play our roles in protecting the mighty mother nature by reducing carbon footprints, let’s go meatless once a week, shall we?

Frozen Cauliflower Rice

Apart from the meals, there is frozen cauliflower rice too. They are either cooked or raw.

1. Lush Bowl 

Now it’s time to show your hidden cooking skills by creating some luscious meals using cauliflower rice. Perhaps, you can braise anchovies, olives and capers as salty elements are one of the preferred side dishes as they pair up well. 

In Lush Bowl, there is both cooked and uncooked cauliflower rice, and it is up to your preference on which you would like to purchase. 

Website: https://lushbowl.beepit.com/ordering/?type=delivery

Instagram: @lushbowlmy

In a nutshell, these are a few felicitous places where one can get highly nutritious and succulent meals and products. Do get the meals to reach you as most of them are available on GrabFood and Food Panda!


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