6 Best Healthy Food Malaysia That Are Surprisingly Delicious

Healthy Food Malaysia

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We all know that practising a healthy lifestyle is important for the body, mind and soul. Getting into the habit of eating wholesome food may take some time. However, more people are getting into the trend of clean diets and healthy eating. If you are one of them, good for you, we are so proud of you!

Well, healthy food doesn’t have to be boring or tasteless. All you need to do is be a little adventurous and creative with your meals! Wondering where you can find healthy and delicious food in KL, we have a list prepared for you!

1. Poké Bowl (The Fish Bowl)

healthy food malaysia
Image Source: The Fish Bowl’s Instagram Page

If you’ve heard of Poké bowl, you must have definitely heard of The Fish Bowl. Poké means to “slice” or “cut” in Hawaiian and is usually based on cubed style raw marinated fish. It’s actually a Hawaiian staple dish that is deeply rooted in Japanese cuisine. Poké Bowls are not only healthy but taste super delicious too! You get to taste a mix of different flavours from the different ingredients there are in the bowl. Not to forget the sauce that comes with it.

 At The Fish Bowl, you get to completely customize your Poké Bowl, from choosing the base to choosing your preferred protein! Too lazy to customize? Don’t worry, they also offer their Signature Bowls!

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2. Teriyaki Chicken Grain Bowl (La Juiceria Superfoods)

Healthy Food Malaysia
Image Source: La Juiceria Superfood’s Instagram Page

La Juiceria Superfoods offers many wholesome, delicious and colourful meals on their menu. For those who are looking for comfort food and want to stay healthy at the same time, try their Teriyaki Chicken Grain Bowl.

It’s one of the top sellers which contains grilled Teriyaki chicken thigh, brown rice, quinoa and soft boiled kampung eggs. Besides that, they have other super bowls such as Kale Quinoa Chicken Salad, Teriyaki Tofu Poke Bowl and many more tasty meals on their menu. 

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3. Healthy Salad Bowl (Healthysu Kitchen)

Healthy Food Malaysia
Image Source: Healthy Su Kitchen’s Instagram Page

At Healthy Su Kitchen, you get a new weekly menu of hearty and healthy meals, made to help you create a healthier lifestyle for yourself. Their fresh menu offers a variety of balanced and delicious meals that will make you crave more! 

The founder of Healthysu Kitchen started making her own healthy meals after being diagnosed with cancer and decided to completely change her diet. She’s learnt that with proper nutrients and a healthy lifestyle, the body can heal itself. 

Their healthy salad bowls are made with mostly organic produce, homemade dressings and without hormones, antibiotics, MSG as well as preservatives. Delivering every Monday to Thursday, you don’t wanna miss out on this!


4. Mushroom Asada Burrito (Sala)

Healthy Food Malaysia
Image Source: Sala KL’s Instagram Page

Are you a fan of burritos? Located at Desa Sri Hartamas, Sala is a vegan, Tex-Mex restaurant offering a variety of options on their menu such as plant-based burritos, tacos and salad bowls. One of their best sellers is the Mushroom Asada Burrito.

It’s made of homemade tortilla, cilantro lime brown rice, Black beans, carrots, Mushroom Asada, cabbage, lettuce Pico de gallo, roasted tomato chipotle Salsa, Sour Cream and Nacho Cheese! It’s about 550cal without trans fat. They also have other interesting items on the menu too such as vegan Nasi Lemak! 

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5. Protein Packed Quinoa Tofu Buddha Bowl (Le Food SS18 Subang Jaya)

Healthy Food Malaysia
Image Source: Le Food’s Instagram Page

At Le Food, they use high quality and natural ingredients sourced from all over the world such as Organic Extra Virgin Olive Oil from Australia, Organic Brown Sugar from Columbia, Organic Black Bean Sauce from Taiwan and many more.

Their food and drinks are served with lots of organic produce and without the use of artificial colour and additives, artificial preservatives as well as no MSG. Serving a variety of wholesome goodness on their menu, the Protein Packed Quinoa Tofu Buddha Bowl is one of the crowd’s favourites as it’s super tasty according to their customers! 

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6. Cobb Salad (Botanica + Co)

Healthy Food Malaysia
Image Source: Botanica +Co’s Instagram Page

Here, you will not only fall in love with their delicious healthy meals but with the restaurant itself too! With lots of greeneries and natural sunlight, you’d love to dine here with your loved ones. If you are a salad person, Botanica + Co would be a great place for you as they have a great selection of salad bowls with choices of meat and without meat.

The Botanica Caesar Salad is made of baby romaine lettuce, guacamole, crouton, turkey bacon, poached egg and parmesan cheese. Great for those looking to keep their health in check! Besides salad, they also have a variety of meat and vegan dishes available on their menu serving only the freshest produce every day. 

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