Are Dietary Supplements Necessary?

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“What are dietary supplements?” you may ask. Dietary supplements are substances that you can use to add nutrients to your body if you are not getting sufficient from your daily diet.

They can be used to also reduce the risk of getting health problems such as diabetes, osteoporosis or some even to reduce the rate of aging which are often called anti-aging supplements.

Supplements come in a variety of forms including capsules, soft gels, tablets, powder, gummies as well as liquid form. They come in various sizes and colours as well. 

The importance of having a well-balanced diet

Importance of Balanced Diet - How It Can Enhance Your Health
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If you are wondering whether you should take dietary supplements, you got all the answers in this article. Let’s start with a question.

Are you eating a well-balanced diet daily?

A well-balanced diet is a diet that includes all nutrients the body needs to function the right way. It is important to have a well-balanced diet because your body requires all nutrients in a certain amount to work effectively and higher amounts are not necessarily better.

A well-balanced diet is also important to reduce the risk of getting a disease or an infection, or even reduce the feeling of being tired and fatigue. We definitely don’t want that, do we?

It is true what they say, you really are what you eat! Have you ever stopped to think about this and how true this might actually be? The healthier the food you consume, the better you feel and the better your performance will be. But do take note that genes play a huge role in the food you eat. For example, certain meat or vegetables may not be suitable based on your genes. You might wonder; how to find out? Simply take a DNA test Malaysia and you’ll know right away!

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You can’t expect yourself to be healthy if you keep consuming “empty calories” such as cakes, doughnuts, potato chips and yes, your bubble milk tea too! Feeling guilty already? Don’t worry, it’s probably time to start changing your diet. It’s alright to indulge in these once in a while, but don’t forget your important nutrients too to maintain good health.

Do you need dietary supplements for good health?

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Eating a poor diet daily can cause you to have a nutrient deficiency.

Sometimes feeling fatigued could also mean that you’re not getting enough nutrients from the food you eat. This is why you feel less energetic. People would normally resort to taking supplements if they feel like they can’t get proper nutrients from their diet. 

If you are fussy with food, chances are you are not getting sufficient nutrients that your body needs to function well. You may need to take some supplements.

For instance, if you aren’t getting enough calcium from your diet because you don’t like dairy products, your body may use the calcium from your bones instead which will lead to bone loss. In times like this, calcium supplementation is necessary for you to maintain bone health. 

Not eating enough fruits and vegetables can also lead to nutrient deficiency.

I’m sure you have heard of people, especially health experts, telling you to eat more fruits and vegetables. This is because a diet rich in fruits and vegetables have high vitamins and minerals, phytochemicals as well as fiber. 

Therefore, if you’re not getting enough of them from your diet, a multivitamin may help. People with busy schedules due to our modern lifestyle that don’t really have the time to have proper healthy meals may resort to dietary supplements too. 

Most vegans may have a risk of deficiency in vitamin B12. Vitamin B12 comes from animal products such as eggs, chicken, fish and beef. Vegans can only get B12 through consuming dairy products or fortified food such as fortified cereal, therefore, they may need to add a vitamin B12 supplement to their diet.

What are the common dietary supplements?   

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Common dietary supplements that people often take are vitamin C, multivitamins, calcium, fish oil, probiotics and antioxidants to maintain good health.

There are many more different supplements in the market. To name a few, some are for boosting your immune system, some for improving joint health or even to help alleviate existing joint pain and some to help with constipation.

They even have individual supplements such as vitamin C, vitamin E and vitamin D that have higher doses compared to the doses in a multivitamin. Besides that, there are different brands of supplements and they are widely available in health food stores, pharmacies, grocery stores, fitness centers and even online. 

However, do note that dietary supplement marketers are prohibited from making any labelling claims about the cure, treatment or prevention of a disease as they are not drugs. In other words, supplements should not make claims on their labels such as “treats heart disease” or “prevents joint pain”. 

Therefore, to answer the big question, as the name suggests, dietary supplements are only intended to “supplement” your diet if your diet is lacking some nutrients. Still, the best way to meet the Recommended Nutrient Intake is through healthy food from your daily diet. Go on, make yourself a health salad bowl! 

Note: This article is only for educational purposes. If you have any medical condition, it is best to consult a licensed healthcare professional before starting any supplement program. 


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