Resistance Band Malaysia: Make Your Workouts More Challenging With These Resistance Bands!

Resistance Band Malaysia

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Ditch the thought that you need to go to the gym or get fancy equipment only to get fitter. Opting for something minimal like resistance bands do wonders too. Although they might not be for those wanting to add bulks, resistance bands are the modest tool to target the smaller muscles, boost strength and improve mobility.

Additionally, since they are lightweight and portable, you can always carry them in your luggage to not miss any workouts during your travel or staycation. So, The Happy Hormones Malaysia presents the best resistance bands to shape it up!

1. SweatCo

Sweatco goes by the mantra feel good, look good & do good. Founded by bosom buddies, Wenli and Janine with an abundance of love for wellness, health and fitness, Sweatco features resistance bands, jump ropes and sweaters.

There are four coloured resistance bands from intermediate one to advance. Made from premium elastic fabrics, choose from Wood Rose, Red Plum, Camo or Aqua to work your butt off!

2. Decathlon

When they have products for almost every sport that you could name, how can they miss out on the resistance bands, right? Decathlon has a plethora of them specifically for strength training and pilates.

Each of them comes in different weights (resistance/difficulty level). For instance, the Mini Textile Resistance Bands (5/6/7 kgs) are to tone your bums and thighs, the Elastibands (high/low) for a gentle full-body workout and more. Grab yours now and enjoy the free shipping!

3. Sports Direct

Any fitness enthusiast or ordinary folk would utterly know the existence of Sports Direct, their one-stop sports shop for the biggest brands. Don’t be a brat and burn that fat, with workouts of your choice incorporating resistance bands available in 3 remarkable brands – Kettler, LP, PTP.

Furthermore, the resistance bands come in various colours and sizes that conform to your fitness journey. If you get demotivated easily, why not check out the exciting colours and coordinate them with your chic, sporty ootd?

4. Myprotein

Yes, it’s not all about the incredible protein selections! But also the resistance bands you scouting for the next indoor workout sesh with your buddy! The resistance bands pair is perfect for duos to drench in sweat because the grind and happiness towards better health are best shared.

The resistance bands here are crafted with distinct resistance levels according to the colours. You may consider the Multi Use 11 Piece Resistance Band Set if you are keen on increasing your workout intensity now and then.

5. Sanctband Active

Say goodbye to the stains on your sportswear once you have purchased the first powder-free bands of Sanctband. The resistive bands here are significantly less in powder content that makes them comfortable. Whether it is at the rehab room, home gym or your favourite workout park, resistance bands will utterly rebuild the strength.

Beginners should pick the pink band while the fitness buffs’ colour is teal or purple. What are you waiting for? Add them to the cart because your new fun is fitness!

6. Kuckreja

Established in 1946 and mainly provided trading textile products for soldiers of the British Army, Kuckreja & Co is absolutely one of the oldest sports wholesalers in Malaysia. Look for the Trident’s (own brand) Latex Resistance Bands, where the lowest and highest weight resistance is 13-27 kg and 34-102 kg, respectively.

Don’t fret if you are on a tight budget because they have monthly instalment with no interest and fee via Hoolah. Buy now and pay later without having to give up your dreams!

7. Sole Fitness

The mundane workout can be exhausting. To keep you sane and fit at the same time, you need to blend in a range of drill, and that’s when the resistance bands from Sole Fitness play their role. All you gotta do is to click on your preferred size and quantity so you can rejuvenate yourself with an adventurous series of exercise!


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