Malaysians’ Motivation to Lose Weight and Get Into Fitness

Motivation to lose weight and get into fitness

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Losing weight or getting into fitness is a struggle for many. How many times have we put ‘losing weight’ as our New Year’s goal only having to rewrite it…the next year? It is hard but remember that it is a journey. Every single achievement and progress should be celebrated. If you’re feeling demotivated or are just looking for some, read on to find out what motivates Malaysians who are on the same weight loss journey as you.

Overweight and worrying about getting Covid-19

Photo from: Zuriani

“I want to work out because I’m overweight.” Zuriani shared. In addition, she is worried about the effects of Covid-19. “Covid-19 patients’ conditions worsens with comorbidity. I’m 31 years old and need to be healthy.”

When asked about her fitness goal, she aims to lose 1kg per week. When she is demotivated to work out, she searches motivational quotes on Instagram.

“I started working out on 16 October this year. To date, I’ve lost 2.5kg”. And she will keep going!

Finding a way back to her own self

Photo from: Aireen

“I wanted to lose weight because I feel like I lost myself during the pandemic.” Aireen developed bad eating habits, wasn’t exercising and had messed up her sleeping schedule. I’m sure we all can relate to this at some point.

So what made her start her journey? “One day, my motivation kicked in. I thought, “I need to take care of my health. I need to fit in and look good in my work attire.” Aireen explained.

And so she started working out in June 2021 and has lost 14kg since! “Fit before 30”, Aireen joked when asked about her fitness goal. “To be confident, happy, healthy and stress-free.”, she added. “I want to look good for myself!” That’s the spirit!


Photo from: Egy

Egy started exercising on the 12th of July 2021. “I want to improve my appearance, health and wellness”. When she is having a slow day, Egy reminds herself why she is on this journey. And when she works out regardless of her demotivation, she rewards herself!

“My goal is to achieve and maintain my healthy weight.” Egy went from 64kg – 58kg in 4 months.

Returning to his “glory days”

Photo from: Brandon

“Firstly, I wanted to look and feel healthy. At the same time, I wanted to return to the “glory years” so to speak – back to the time when I was thin and fit.” Brandon shared. “I started gaining weight after I started working full time and I haven’t been very happy or feel confident since.”

So what motivates Brandon to do the work every time? “As I have since developed the habit of weighing myself once every two days, seeing my weight increase on the scale and the size of my stomach growing forces me to get back to working out. At the same time, I always like the after-workout feeling; the extra awareness during the day, and the confidence to take on challenges.”

“I have lost around 12kg. From 70kg (borderline overweight) to 58kg (ideal weight). Started since the implementation of MCO and WFH in April 2020. My weight now fluctuates between 59-60kg, which is still great!” Way to go, Brandon!

Reclaiming her health

Photo from: Khadijah

Khadijah started working out when her lower back pain got worse. “I used to pray while sitting on a chair because I can’t rukuk (a Muslim prayer movement that requires one to bend halfway) properly.” Her lower back pain has since improved! “I used to snore too but I’ve stopped now”, she added.

Working out is how she relieves her stress too. Khadijah’s goal is “to be healthy and so that I can eat all the good food!” We hear you!

From keeping active to being a habit

Photo from: Shila

“I started working out consistently at the start of the pandemic. So there wasn’t really any motivation to lose weight at the start, but rather it was a way to keep myself active and occupied during the lockdown. But once I started seeing results, the motivation grew and I moved to the gym from just working out at home following YouTube videos!” Shila shared.

Just like the rest of us, Shila too has her off days. “I go to the gym and do some sports 5-6 times a week, so when those days where I lose my motivation appear, I take it as my body needing a much needed break!” We couldn’t agree more.

So, what’s the goal? “A short term superficial goal is to lose a few more kgs. However, my long term goal is to stay strong and active as I do now and maintain my routine as a lifestyle and not a chore I feel forced to do.” 

Saving money in mind

Photo from: Nisa

“I want to lose weight to save money and wear my old favourite clothes!” Definitely a great thought! Apart from that, Nisa was feeling tired of actually feeling tired when going on leisurely walks in the mall due to the lack of stamina. Working out has helped improve that.

What does Nisa do when she is demotivated? “Sleep!” That’s something we can all follow! Nisa’s fitness goal is to have a normal BMI. She has since gone from 70kg to 65.7kg.


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