5 Female Malaysian Fitness Influencers To Follow on IG

Female Malaysian Fitness Influencers

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Whether you are a seasoned fitness enthusiast or just now dipping your toes into fitness, we all need a source of motivation. There will be days when we are demotivated or hit a plateau in our workout. So it helps to look at some individuals who have gone through the fitness journey and understand the process. Follow these inspiring female fitness influencers and they will help you shake off the lazy in you!

1. Maggy Wang

Image Source: Maggy Wang’s Instagram Page

Maggy Wang is a fitness household name. Not only is she a fitness enthusiast, she is also the founder of Motion Lab, which is a virtual training experience. In addition, she also founded Move with Maggy –  a community for those who want to join virtual training with Maggy and the team, in collaboration with Adidas Malaysia. And as we all know, we should care for our mind as well as our bodies. Maggy also has her own podcast called ‘Head over Heels’. The show is a safe space for raw and true conversations over a plethora of issues.

Instagram: @themaggywang

2. Joanna Soh

Image Source: Joanna Soh’s Instagram Page

A Leading Wellness and Fitness Youtube personality in Asia, Joanna Soh is definitely no stranger in the fitness world. She is a certified Personal Trainer (ACE) as well as a Nutrition Coach and Women’s Fitness Specialist (NASM). Joanna has over 10 years of experience and regularly shares fitness, nutrition and health tips on her Youtube channel and website. She believes that a healthy mind is just as important as a fit body. Joanna is also the creator of Fio, a fitness app for your body and mind.

Instagram: @joannasohofficial

3. Nana Al Haleq

Image Source: Nana Al Haleq’s Instagram Page

A Malaysian Fitness Goddess, Nana Al Haleq is another one who inspires. Nana has always been into fitness. She started to go to the gym when she was 26 and started to work on her fitness goal. She is also a fitness model and an Under Armour athlete. Nana shares posts on exercise tips and even skincare and cooking tips on her platform.

Instagram: @nanaalhaleq

4. Sonia Naidu

Image Source: Sonia Naidu’s Instagram Page

Sonia Naidu is a Sarawakian born model and fitness instructor. A go-getter, Sonia was also one of the candidates for Miss Universe Malaysia back in 2016. She is now a model with The Models Lab KL. Apart from that, she is also a FlyClimb instructor with Flyproject and a founding instructor of Afterburn. Get insights on fashion and fitness with Sonia to feel good and look good.

Instagram: @sonianaidu

5. Charmaine Ang

Image Source: Charmaine Ang’s Instagram Page

Charmaine left her corporate job to pursue yoga full time. Charmaine or fondly referred to as kuihkapit (following her Instagram handle), has gotten certified by numerous bodies and organisations. One of them is by the Yoga Vidya Dham in NASik, a yoga institute recognised by the India government whereby she obtained a Diploma in Yoga Studies. A full-time yoga instructor, she aims to help her students to feel comfortable and confident in their bodies. Apart from that, she teaches her students self-compassion, being more open with themselves and an openness to learning. She is also an advocate for awareness of eating disorders as she once suffered from anorexia and bulimia. Follow her for all things yoga!
Instagram: @kuihkapit


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