Best YouTube Workout Channels To Follow While You’re Stuck At Home

Best Youtube Workout Channels

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Here we go again. Gyms are closed, non-contact sports and recreational activities are allowed only till 8 at night, so it’s about time we stay at home and exercise to Youtube workout channels!

Plus, working out does help you to feel better and reduce the risk of anxiety or depression, which is what we all go through during the pandemic.


  • you are a fitness freak
  • don’t fancy hiring a personal trainer
  • you are affected by the closure of gyms
  • the usual workout routine exhausts you

These Youtube workout channels recommended by The Happy Hormones from YouTube will keep you healthy and in shape.

Youtube Workout Channels To Follow

1. Yoga with Adriene

Yoga with Adriene pops up on the list the moment you type ‘yoga’ on Youtube. Adriene, with her charming personality, will never make you feel you are any less than her. With 9.9 million subscribers, find yoga videos for mental health, back pain, uncertain times, and you name the rest. She has it all for every age and ability.

2. The Fitness Marshall – Full Body


Who wouldn’t love a dance workout, right? Once you decide to follow The Fitness Marshall, you will forever get hooked to it as Caleb Marshall choreographs dance workouts that are easy to follow with a sprinkle of laughter, a whole lot of sweat and fun. Don’t say we didn’t warn you! Some of the top hits are Meghan Trainor’s Me Too and Sia’s Cheap Thrills dance workouts.

3. Pop Sugar Fitness – HIIT

Offering no equipment workouts, get ready to work your abs and booty with some of Hollywood’s hottest celebrity trainers. Popsugar Fitness is for those looking for lively fitness tutorials ranging from all level cardio workouts, vigorous high-intensity interval training (HIIT), hip-hop Tabata dance, kickboxing sesh and more.

Casey Ho, a Certified Pilates and Fitness Instructor started Blogilates 11 years ago. As you know, this channel has a wide variety of pilates workouts that will tone your body. There are challenges like 21 Day Tone, 100 Day Ab to keep you pumped up throughout the week. Living a healthy lifestyle requires more than exercise, and that’s why Ho gives tips on how to eat clean on her channel too.

5. Fitness Blender

A husband-wife duo, Daniel and Keli, has about 600 free full-length workout videos and absolutely counting to achieve more. Designed for people who would like to squeeze in some workout in their tight schedule, the 5 to 10 minutes workouts are good to go. Fitness Blender has a few puppy workouts where all you need is a puppy and strength!

6. HASfit

Believing that every Heart And Soul deserves to be fit (HASfit), Coach Kozak and Coach Claudia have put together over thousand workout routines to hike your heart rate. One reason to love HASfit is their playlist, with exercises for Seniors, Obese, Plus Size, and Limited Mobility. Expect to get strong and fit if you workout regularly with HASfit!

7. Boho Beautiful Yoga

The Boho Beautiful is Juliana Spicoluk and Mark Spicoluk, the backbone of Boho Beautiful Yoga. Featuring yoga sessions in exquisite landscapes like mountains, beaches and woods, it is utterly a feast to the eyes and soul. From pilates, guided meditations to morning yoga classes, you will never miss any sesh! Apart from fitness, you might want to check out their Vegan Food & Health and The Boho Diaries.

8. Kaleigh Cohen Cycling

Do you have a spin, stationary or upright exercise bike? But, don’t know how to make use of it? This certified Spin instructor, Kaleigh Cohen, is here to guide you with her rhythmic and LIVE indoor cycling workouts every week! Start cycling while you groove to the music.

9. Krissy Cela

Founder of Tone and Sculpt, Krissy Cela, inspires many women with her fun personality to achieve their fitness goals. She has separate playlists for home, gym and ‘follow along‘ workouts. If you would like to gain some muscles, confidence and strength, Krissy Cella is the one!


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