Best Yoga Mat Malaysia: Unleash Your Inner Yogi With These Quality Yoga Mats

Best Yoga Mat Malaysia

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Whether you are new to yoga or have perfected your asanas, a good yoga mat makes all the difference. From the material it is made from to its features, your yoga mat will help you to achieve your optimum zen when practicing yoga. Say “Namaste!” to these brands that will fast be your go-to for yoga mats in Malaysia.

1. Manduka

Yoga Mat in Malaysia

Inspired by the yoga pose, Mandukasana frog, Manduka’s yoga mat was founded and designed by Peter Sterios. An architect turned yogi, he discovered how a yoga mat with firm grip and complete support can improve your yoga practice. For the eco-conscious yogi, Manduka is your perfect choice as they commit to making good products that last longer to reduce global consumption and from eco-friendly materials.

You can buy it from here.
Official Website: https://www.manduka.com.my/

2. Lululemon

A brand not unfamiliar to active individuals, Lululemon caters to the fitness-conscious community by offering a wide range of apparel and accessories. Lululemon is also committed to empowering the community and has various initiatives in support of this. Named the best yoga mat in 2020 by The New York Times Wirecutter, Lululemon’s The Reversible 5mm is surely a must-have. Designed with extra cushions to support your hands, knees and floor poses, your body will surely thank you for your investment.

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3. Kinetix Yoga

Started from a humble beginning, Kinetix Yoga went from selling online from home to flea markets to now having their own website and sold at a retail location and to corporate partners. Committed to understanding personalized experience with yoga mats, Kinetix Yoga’s products are designed with extensive knowledge on the best materials at an affordable price and options for customisation. If you are looking for a yoga mat that is designed for better grip, best cushioning, free from toxic chemicals, eco-friendly and even recyclable, get your hands on their signature Kinex High-grade mats.

You can buy it online here

Alternatively, you can visit their retail location at POP by Jaya One.

4. TanyaMaya

Founded by Catwalk Trading Sdn Bhd that specializes in clothing, TanyaMaya was born as they learned and understood the importance of yoga mat to yogi masters. Designed to be natural, safe and professional, TanyaMaya’s yoga mats are the perfect companions for yogis to achieve yoga wholeness. Their mats are longer and wider, easing your transitions from one pose to another. They are also the only SIRIM certified yoga mats in Malaysia, cementing their reliability. For those starting out or in training, their yoga mats are installed with AlignGuide to help guide your hands and feet placements. Less stress during practice equals maximum breathing and relaxing concentration.

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5. FitMe

Made by a Malaysian online fitness equipment store, Fitme, the Fitme Premium Jute Yoga Mat is worth the consideration. This yoga mat is made with jute material which is fastly becoming a favourite as it comes from plants and is non-toxic. They are also thin and light, making it easier to travel with. Fitme’s Jute Yoga Mat promises exactly that as they are made with organic jute material. What’s more is that their yoga mats are eco-friendly, recyclable, and also biodegradable. Not only that, they are anti-mite and anti-bacterial. They come in 6 different colors for your choosing and a free carry-on strap.

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