4 Types Of Adjustable Dumbbells Malaysia That’ll Help You Meet Your Fitness Goals

Why adjustable dumbbells?

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#1: You miss going to gyms

We feel you and hope fitness enthusiasts will be allowed to their happy place soon.

#2: You don’t have much space to store gym equipment

Not all of us could afford the luxury of owning a bigger space, so no worries. Adjustable dumbbells save space as you do not need a whole rack of weights!

#3: You are keen on building muscle and strength

Dumbbells are the most versatile tool that anyone should own. You can do plenty of workouts, and most importantly, you will never miss an arm day!

#4: You are finally working out to get those killer abs.

It’s never too late to start anything. We are proud of you, keep going!

#5: “Just Because”!

Sure, as you can always sneak in a quick workout between your zoom meetings or when you are bored with this ideal tool.

Does any of the lines above resemble your thoughts perfectly? Then, this article by The Happy Hormones is for you to grab the absolute adjustable dumbbells Malaysia that suit your needs!

1. Adjustable Dumbbell 552

Adjustable Dumbbells Malaysia

Are you looking for dumbbells to complete your home gym and have a fun workout sesh? The 5 to 52LBS Adjustable Dumbbell by Sole Fitness should be it. Lift some weight with this steel dumbbell in your comfort. 

Made with premium grips to protect from injuries, all you gotta do is to select the weight and turn the dial. Spruce up those triceps when you do reps of dumbbell bench press with this elegant dumbbell! 

2. NÜOBELL 2-32kg

Adjustable Dumbbells Malaysia

The patented Swiss designed NUOBELL is claimed as the world’s smartest dumbbell because you can twist the handle to adjust the weights. Cool, isn’t it? NUO, which means innovation in Swedish, describes how innovation makes sports and fitness less complicated. 

Thanks to the machined steel weight plates as they make this trendy dumbbell extremely durable – you save some bucks in the long run! Besides, the precise craftsmanship and split-second weight change feature screams comfort! 

The special design prevents the dumbbell from rolling on the ground, avoiding unfortunate incidents. 

3. Bowflex SelectTech 1090 Adjustable Dumbbells

Adjustable Dumbbells Malaysia

If you think fitness can never be done at home or gym equipment are always pricey, Asura Fitness is your answer! With an array of favourable tools, including dumbbells to kick start your fitness journey, you can drill and take up the challenge to be fit.

Plus, say goodbye to the 17 cluttered dumbells in your room as this pair alone replaces up to 34 dumbbells. Want to feel the heat or be gentle to your body? With this dumbbell, you can rock a total body workout!

Get yours right now to enjoy the free workout DVD too!

4. Adjustable Dumbbells – Punchline Fitness

Adjustable Dumbbells Malaysia

From yoga, pilates to aerobic workouts, this dumbbell is the absolute bliss – for beginners or those who aren’t fancy of the traditional looking dumbbells. These 2-4 kg stylish, pink and grey dumbbells are suitable for women.

The solid steel block gives it a sleek finishing, and you must add steels depending on your fitness goals. Since they are lightweight, fitness newbies should get them, as the aim is always to start slow and taper off!


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