Stay Active With These Local Activewear Malaysia Brands

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Activewear Malaysia

A niu year calls for new (or renewed) resolutions. Getting fit and in shape is no doubt one of the most popular resolutions made worldwide. Why wouldn’t it be? Being physically active is good for both your physical and mental wellbeing. One of the ways to stay motivated to workout is by having the perfect outfit. Who best knows what we need than our fellow Malaysians? Check out activewear Malaysia brands below.

1. Liberty Active

activewear Malaysia
Source: Liberty Active’s Facebook Page

Having the freedom to workout feels like a luxury at this time. However, having freedom during your workout should always be a given. Liberty Active’s collection is carefully curated to ensure that style is as important as comfort. Moreover, the friends duo who started Liberty Active ensures that practicality plays a part in their design. This is an activewear for women of ranging sizes from petite to plus size and to be used for workouts and trendy enough for a day out!

Website: Get RM10 off of your first purchase at Liberty Active

Instagram: @libertyactive

2. Ryada Activewear Malaysia

activewear Malaysia
Source: Ryada Activewear Malaysia’s Facebook Page

Malaysia’s hot and humid climate sure makes it uncomfortable to workout at times – you are already hot and bothered even before you started! Ryada Activewear offers comfortable, cooling and trendy activewear. Their clothes are made from materials with advanced cooling technology such as ‘bamboo fabric’, among others, to ensure maximum durability, cooling effect and high comfort to their wearers. Ryada Activewear also offers modest active clothings that are not too tight, not too loose – just perfect and comfortable. 

Website: Ryada Activewear

Instagram: @ryada.activewear

3. Banana Fighter Activewear

activewear Malaysia
Source: Banana Fight Activewear’s Instagram

Banana Fighter Activewear was founded by an individual who comes from a fashion background and who is passionate about fitness. This translates in their activewear which is fun, stylish as much as they are comfortable and versatile. They have sports bras, leggings, shorts, and even trendy apparel that you can wear over your activewear. Look good in various Insta-worthy, sleek and minimalist designed activewear that also promises comfort. What’s even better is they really take care of you from head to toe – get their antibacterial masks and adorable socks while you’re shopping too!

Website: Banana Fighter Activewear

Instagram: @bananafighter.activewear

4. Herms

activewear Malaysia
Source: Herms’ Instagram

Herms works on the vision that you can work on your fitness goal while looking cute and get it all at an affordable price. Choose from various designs that match your personality or look and in different colours or patterns. The Herms team makes sure that you have all that you need, whether for a day on the beach or for a swim in the pool or for a workout at the gym and at home. Complete your workout look with Herms’ activewear and accessories.

Website: Herms

Instagram: @herms.co

5. Fit Rebel

activewear Malaysia
Source: Fit Rebel’s Instagram

Rebelling from plain and monochrome activewear, Fit Rebel offers you leggings in various patterns. Their SENI by Fit Rebel line features designs hand painted by various local batik artists. This initiative is done in an effort to preserve and showcase this traditional and gorgeous art. This wearable art is not only beautiful, but has been tested for durability by yogis, aerial artists, dancers, runners and even martial artists. Rest assured, you can look beautiful and workout with no worries! By using sublimation printing, the designs will not fade over time. Definitely a timeless design and wear.

Website: Fit Rebel

Instagram: @fitrebelapparel


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